I can become seduced by seemingly beneficial proposals and suggestions because I’m prone to believe in success rather than failure; then after a few moments in solitude, I get a clearer picture of “Reality”. 1

I may say “Yes” more than I say “No”, but after the giddiness, I started to get selfish about the Extra $350 Bucks Month I’d have to spend. — I’m not made of money and 2015 was a turning point for me as far as practicing resourcefulness as an art form — Is it worth it? — What’s in it for me? After all, I’m proud to boast to my Chinese Mother that my energy costs have been less than $75 per month in the middle of Winter in Portland, Oregon (everything; cooking, cleaning, hot water, etc.).

Home Office, Shared SpaceI have successfully walked a “monk-like” path that I had set out to at the beginning of 2015 and committed to being selfish with my time and it has paid off in a huge way — Lots of “Paid” Contract WORK which is all good and fine and the responsible business thing to do, but I’m still not satisfied — something’s missing. 2

I’m in my own World. Nevermind that I have total freedom to laugh, scream, nap stop and go whenever I feel like it because all I have to do in the morning (or whenever) is drift down the hall, wake up my computers and execute my inspiration. My life and Professional Space is “Uniquely Good” and I’m Loving it!

But Wait, There’s More…

Shared Space, Home OfficeI think I may have mentioned that although I really enjoy my independence, I have been talking to myself quite a bit lately and sometimes in deep conversations; that’s when I knew I needed to socialize. 3

Hmmmm, starting at around $250 per month and averaging around $350 for a “Hot Desk” this might be my “New Thing”.

What’s a Hot Desk?

The low hanging choices in Portland seem to be the 4 Shared Space properties I mentioned last time (Shared Space: What? Why?). I’m kinda waiting for the Fellas to speak their minds too about what their priorities are and what Shared Collaborative Space is going to fulfill their needs.

My Needs? — I’m pretty simple, So I’m pretty sure I’ll find something that will work. — But for $350 bucks? — I need to think about that a little more. I did JUST commit to attending tomorrow’s MeetUp at DeskHub at noon with Kurt Sussman, so if you are too, let us know. OR… more importantly, Leave a Comment, say “Hi” or feel free to Chime in and contribute to the conversation .

DeskHub PDX
Desk Hub, Portland Oregon Shared, So-Working offices, Scott Sakamoto
Collective Agency
Collective Agency, Portland Oregon, shared, co Working Offices, Scott Sakamoto
Centrl Office
Centrl-Office, Shared,  Co Working Offices, Scott Sakamoto, Dan Morris

What’s next? — I still have more questions and more to justify in my own mind about the Cost and Effort it will require to add this to my Plate. More importantly, that the 3 of our Expectations are on the same page.

  1. Feature Composite (left): GraphicStock, John Goode
    Above: Tim Lewis, Paul McCoubrie

  2. Photo: Louish Pixel Hard at work 6/365

  3. Photo: Vadym Drobot, Businessman working on laptop. View from above