I need answers! I’ve been scratching my head for the past few years and I’m about to change my tune … or Charge lots of money for it!

This I know is true and it has become one of my Mantras; the two most common causes of Failure are:

  1. Poor Leadership (or Lack of it) and/or
  2. Poor Marketing (or Lack of it)

These are two very important topics for your business that you need to pay attention to that will set you apart from your competition; Guaranteed! Oh, and I am also very adept and professionally trained with over 30-years of experience to help you accomplish this. But that isn’t the purpose of this article and probably a couple articles to follow. I think if you pay attention there will be plenty of FREE advice and actionable steps for you (or, you can pay me lots of money instead).

I Need Answers

I’ve been going nuts; I can’t for the life of me understand why responsible Business Leadership keeps missing the “Marketing-Boat” by not providing necessary training or encouragement for responsible Social Media activity for their Business, Company, or Individuals (solo business owners); further, most LinkedIn efforts are forgotten and/or underutilized.

Who Are You Going to Call
Connie Dorigan, Executive Recruiter for the Food Industry and Technology and Software Industries (LinkedIn link here), that’s who. So I was thinking, who do I know who can help me tackle the questions of “What are the expectations of a Modern Employee?

Connie Dorigan and I are meeting this Friday to hopefully meld our minds to get a start at helping more folks succeed who NEED our help. Don’t forget, there’s another Recession around the corner; I survived 1986, and barely survived 2008. Are “You” and “Your Business” prepared for the next one (maybe as early as this summer)? What are you going to do? Who are you going to call to help you make sure that your Business Messaging is “Amplified” and “Broadcast” to your customers and NEW potential customers?

What are the expectations of YOUR Modern Employee?
– Next: It’s Not Your Father’s Business Model Anymore; What Are Your Modern-Employee Needs?

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