I think we can both agree; There are no FREE “Prime-Beef” Steak Sandwich lunches in America. So, what about your Logo Design? It has to be Tasty and Delicious and pretty near Flawless. After all, it’s a representation of what and who you are … your EGO, in addition, you want it to look like a Million-Bucks but don’t want to pay for it… OK, I “Get It”

Hard-Work Doesn’t Guarantee Good Work
But, Hard Work is often required to achieve
GREAT Results

Not My First Rodeo

Ronin Studios, Scott Sakamoto, Logo Design, Branding DevelopmentI am a formally trained and educated Graphic Designer (yep, I went to Art School) who by way of over 30-years of honing and practicing my craft and enduring the 30-years of experience of owning and operating my own business and by way of leading Agencies (advertising and marketing) as a Creative Director have brought many Brands and Companies to America’s doorsteps and into their homes. As I discussed with high school bud Matt Chan (executive producer of reality television show “Hoarders”), “We’re High-Level Creative Talent” not your “Bitches”

Back-in-the-day when Graphic Design was acknowledged and respected as something that required “Real Talent”, my typical fees for Logo Design and Development usually started at $10K and often were in the $20-30K range depending on whether there was a need to develop Graphic Standards and Guidelines for the companies that I helped. That’s just for “Graphic Design”, and did not include any Marketing.

Design is a Process; Process Takes Time; Time is MONEY

Contrary to what I think some folks believe; we don’t get to push a button on our computers and hope something FANTASTIC magically appears. It takes “Work”.

My training and respect for those that I create Branding for always require my utmost attention, focus, and personal investment (I always put more of my heart {emotion} than is required and more than is acknowledged). This is how I still roll as a Professional Designer. I behave the same these days, only … as it appears to be less rewarding, I step further away from these projects.

From my Martial Arts (Budō) training I breathe this:
In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you. – Buddhist saying. Love, Live, & Let Go

There is nothing more important than a balanced respect for YOURSELF.

Nowadays, I give my Branding and Logo work away for pretty close to FREE. Why? Because the perception is that the AMETUER Desktop Publisher can now create these needed items proudly by themselves. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to bite my lip while Proudly Exclaimed feats of accomplishment get confused with Good to Great Design Work.

Stay In Your Lane

Since the advent of Desktop Publishing, quite a few of you think you’re capable of Copywriting, Art Direction (Graphic Design) or great Photography; not true. Often, well-meaning amateurs will impose their accomplishments on “Others” (me) looking for “Professional” validation … Nope; I just walk away… I don’t tell you how to do your job or pretend to know how to do your job, “Do I”? I respect YOU and your Craft.

I learned early in my career as a graphic designer that most folks wanted something for nothing or close to it (sound familiar). My solution since most of these requests came from Non Profit organizations or Naive or Self-Absorbed business owners was creating a “Non-Profit” contract/agreement. You get to see and receive my great work (why else are you asking me) for a nominal (fair) fee. If we agree, I get to listen to you diligently as you endlessly tell me how great you or your organization is. Bottom-Line; After all that; You get what I give you. There will be no “Hand-Holding”.

  1. Lesson: Pay my full rate and you can drill down (change your mind within the scope of the project)
  2. The Challenge: No One wants to pay for “Service” any more
  3. Solution: Give them away (almost)

Remember: There are no FREE “Prime-Beef” Steak Sandwich lunches in America. If you’ve found them, I hope you enjoyed the experience.

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It’s YOUR Time or My Time. My Time is Expensive; You Choose.

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