NedSpace, SharedSpaceMyself and a few of the Fellas have been pondering and exploring the benefits and possibilities of parking our Brains at one of the several “Shared Office Spaces” like Nedspace in Portland per the shifting needs and evolving paradigms of our “Modern” Business Practices.

I’ve expressed before 1 that I was originally excited about this newly discovered business culture and method. IF… and that’s a BIG “IF”, the shared space’s culture was a “Fit” (conducive to our business goals); and thus, I found out quickly that those who managed their real estate (shared property) well might choose to specialize and attract “particular” targeted business interests that could possibly share and collaborate together in this new business paradigm inviting of others into the “Process” (“It’s Not Your Father’s Business Model Anymore”) toward evolving their business beyond what they could do inside their own isolated “Bubble”.

I see good things coming in 2017.

nedspace, conference room, scott sakamoto
Nedspace, Conference Room