Bottom-Line; if you’re going to Pitch me, Don’t Make Me Think!

I’ve been on a mission the past few weeks (So, I’ve Been a Little Scarce Lately. I’ve been Distracted), not only have I been pondering the inefficiency of business owners not embracing and incorporating Social Media or creating and publishing professional content that demonstrates their “Genius” or what Services and Solutions they offer in a meaningful way for their Business Marketing … I’ve been approached by the opposite end of the Service Spectrum and/or Similar Marketing Service Providers (folks who are similar that also Market ). To collaborate?

I’m a Life-Long Student

I admittedly don’t know it all, but I “Get It“, and I’m looking for similar-minded folks who also “Get It” and further, I need to see that they consistently demonstrate that they “Get It” and aren’t just giving me and their clients “Vaporous” lip-service.

I’ve been reading and connecting with the likes of Seth Godin (“Give to Get”), Daniel Ariely (Free is a Great Price), Simon Sinek (They’ll Do What You Believe) since 2008 and, most important when you need to explain something … Steve Krug “Don’t Make Me Think”.

Walk Your Talk
I’m still looking.