Shared Space, Peas In A Pod, Pea Pod

Work FromWell, it became very clear to me the other day while attending my third MeetUp event at DeskHub Portland hosted by Jewel Mari Mlnarik and Darren Buckner from WorkFrom the Portland MeetUp Group that a Shared Space or Shared Collaborative Office Spaces can be a confusing disoriented experience; I kind of felt out of place, not too sure what was “Proper” or not so I opted for being “Respectful” — One can seldom go wrong with Best Behavior.

Props and a “Thank You” to Jewel Mari Mlnarik for the welcoming handshake, smile and introductions. I hope to connect again with you soon. 1

Here’s What I Know

Shared SpaceI know for certain our world traveler Dan Morris needs four secure walls to comfortably be productive (and, he’s on the phone a lot). I on the other hand can be quite the opposite; I don’t need much of ANYTHING at ANY TIME except for a WiFi HookUp. Kurt Sussman’s needs are growing, or could grow as he describes his work-style “Coworking Options vs. How I Work” — As we all ponder; What’s Affordable, What’s Reasonable, What’s the Benefit.


So How Do We Figure it Out

Good question. Maybe we should create some sort of Scoring Sheet to fairly compare these Shared Office Spaces in Portland, Oregon.

I’ll be watching for the Fellas to Chime in. Dan, Kurt what say you?

  1. Feature Composit: Sarah G, Peas in a Pod; English Pea Pod in Glasshouse, 08.23.2006, Wikipedia
    Above: Kent Landerholm, Three Peas

  2. TW Collins, Peas on Earth