If you couldn’t tell by now, I’ve been contemplating the condition of my Insular Behavior. Insular in that I am not afraid of being alone or alone with my thoughts — I make time (prioritize) for Introspection (some call it meditation) on a daily basis. This is something I think is necessary and it is often an uncomfortable curse to examine one’s weaknesses and to be honest about them (own them) — I think this is more than most folks do (maybe this is why I’m so grumpy). It is part of my Path or Practice of Living (Life).

So, what’s been singing in my ears lately? Some intriguing thoughts of collaborating with other Smart People in a Shared Space (office) environment have, that’s what; but why would I? Well, lots of reasons, but my only motivation right now would be to experience something new and be open to outside stimulation from trusted sources — I can be good with that.

Co-working spaces are havens of productivity, inspiration and happiness,” — Liz Elam, founder of Link Coworking

Shared Co-Working Spaces are a new thing, yet, they are not a new thing

Why do I mention that when I know they’ve been around for a while? Well, possessing excellent “Google-Fu” I did a quick Google Search for “2015, shared coworking space, Portland, Oregon“; and less than 5 relevant search results arrived — That’s not good. Before I even wonder WHY that is, I’m going to guess that the Property Managers are just like MOST Businesses that don’t pay attention to their Internet Optimization = NO WONDER NOBODY CAN FIND YOU.

From what I could find, there are about 4 Shared Co-Working Spaces in the Portland Areas that I would seriously consider. There’s one I won’t consider because their Twitter Account has been suspended — what does that tell you about my Intent?

DeskHub PDX
Desk Hub, Portland Oregon Shared, So-Working offices, Scott Sakamoto
Collective Agency
Collective Agency, Portland Oregon, shared, co Working Offices, Scott Sakamoto
Centrl Office
Centrl-Office, Shared,  Co Working Offices, Scott Sakamoto, Dan Morris

So there you have it; my first “Blink” of search results. What’s next? — I have more questions and more to justify in my own mind about the Cost and Effort it will require to add this to my Plate. What’s important is that the 3 of our expectations are on the same page.

Kurt Sussman, Shared Space, Scott Sakamoto, Portland OregonI agree with Kurt Sussman’s assessment “…one that doesn’t require me to submit to a manufactured ‘company culture’ or keep specific hours or write TPS reports. One that stimulates, challenges and gently corrects me as necessary…”

I’m meeting with the Fellas tomorrow to explore this further

I’m planning on enjoying one or two of the many Smokes I’ve been saving — and I might as well enjoy some of our “Official” National Spirits too — the one and only = Bourbon. Stop by and say “Hi” or feel free to Chime-in and contribute to the the conversation = We’ll be at “The Mark” = Cheers!