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What are the expectations of YOUR Modern Employee (or Non Profit Board Member)

From what I’ve observed over the years in my ever growing and evolving “Business Acumen”, I’ve noticed two important Business-Culture changes over the past couple of decades for our Modern Employee.

  1. There is No Company (Corporate) Loyalty anymore
  2. There is No Employee (Personal) Loyalty anymore

I think a lot of us intuitively know that this is true. We are at a time in our American Business Culture when Business Leadership values and rewards “profitability” over “relationships”; at the same time, employees have evolved into “transient” talent because nowadays these folks value and are on the search for personal empowerment over unfounded loyalty to companies that aren’t giving them what they want.

Steve Jobs, iPhone, Invented, June 2007

It’s Not Your Father’s Business Anymore, or, the iPhone is barely 11-Years Old

Having been a business owner, operator and Non-Profit Community Activist (leadership and governance) for the better part 30-years, I feel the following to be also true:

Employers NEED Dependable Employees2018-04-18T09:31:50-08:00

Certain expectations are required for all jobs, but dependability is at the top of my list. Employees demonstrate dependability by taking OWNERSHIP of all aspects of their job; being on time; Job-Performance in a professional manner, and demonstrating a high level of commitment. Business Leadership like me looks for “Dependable Employees” because they can set and maintain clear expectations.

Employers want Self–Motivated People2018-04-18T09:32:21-08:00

Don’t have “Inner-Drive”, “Self-Motivation”, do you need hand-holding? Don’t bother! Employers like me are looking for “top-talent” for their Teams or “Tribes”, employees that have a level of self–motivation that do not require “handholding” and have the ability to figure-it-out for themselves.

Employers NEED employees who provide a positive representation of their Brand2018-04-18T03:55:22-08:00

For my Modern Business, I NEED individuals that will Amplify and/or Broadcast our Organization’s or Company’s Brand. Are you a good fit for my Company’s Culture. What’s your LinkedIn Profile look like? Are you representing YOUR Brand? How will the condition or appearance of your Professional LinkedIn Profile reflect upon the Company’s Messaging and Brand? Think about this and call me.

Employers NEED a Team or Tribe that will RISE to the Occasion2018-04-18T09:33:35-08:00

Beyond just getting the job done … We know who you are. You can’t fake this. You either roll up your sleeves or your go home early… which one are you?

Team Players?2018-04-18T04:29:02-08:00

No one can achieve “greatness” in a vacuum (alone). Remarkable employees know this to be true. They are the consummate team players and maybe your Company’s Business Leadership who are comfortable and adept at praising others as well as their own accomplishments. These employees recognize that success is better achieved through teamwork; Together Each Achieves More! Do not forget about Leadership? Who is going to Lead the Team?

If You Don’t Care, I Won’t Care2018-04-18T03:57:12-08:00

Sought after employees maintain positive attitudes, even during difficult situations. This is their opportunity to excel; tackle projects, both big and small, in a straightforward manner and get it done.

I need smart “Talent”; they would know to discuss sensitive issues in private, they promote a team spirit and good morale, they are a pleasure to work with and be around; they make others “Smile” a trait that is often minimized as an essential job characteristic nowadays.

So, What are the expectations of YOUR Modern Employee?

I know this for sure; there’s no doubt about it; I’m in business in 2018 to make money. I’ve determined that I’ve been too generous giving stuff away… my most valuable asset; my Time.

Instead, wouldn’t it be more productive to collaborate with others who also “Get It” (“Do You Get It Enough to Evolve with Technology?“). If you follow that train of thinking, wouldn’t you expect your employees to be “Those” who “Get It” as well?

– Next: In the Future (now) Individuals and Companys will become Media Channels

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  1. Connie Dorigan April 30, 2018 at 4:46 pm - Reply

    Hello Scott, I’ve thought a lot about our recent conversation on the topic of expectations for the modern employee. As you say, “It’s not your father’s business anymore.” It isn’t and today’s employees and the future employees that will soon emerge from our college campuses next month are a different breed than we were when we entered the market so many years ago. Today’s employees can be reliable, consistent. responsible, self-motivated, driven, creative problem solvers, great communicators, etc. but they need to have a “why” that makes sense to them to engage at that level. “Because I told you so” or “it’s just expected.” isn’t enough of a reason for today’s modern employee to participate and engage in the company vision. Smart employers are beginning to “wake up”, if you will, to understanding how to attract, engage and retain the modern employee. A different, more evolved, style of leadership is required. As difficult as it may be to change corporate leadership styles to accommodate the modern employee, the change, in my opinion, may, in fact, be a change for the better.

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