I “Get It”
I’m doing it finally.

Website Traffic, Bounce RateI made a commitment in 2015 to start walking my talk finally and started to use Social Media. There, now I can say “Every business should be using Social Media and Measuring the results from your efforts to help determine your Return on Investment (ROI Outcome) toward meeting your Digital Marketing Goals.”

Like many of you, I’m relatively new at being an “Active-User” of Social Media although I’m adamant and profess to my customers, business partners and those who will listen — “Use It, It’s an important part of your Digital Marketing efforts” (Internet Marketing) I would say. And, of course, you could probably make a good guess at the answers… “No time”, “What’s in it for me” the excuses and roll of the eyes go on and on… me too.

No longer on the sidelines

As the most efficient and effective Social Media starting point for meMy “One and Done” Social Media Solution.
If This Then That, ITTT

From Instagram, I would add the appropriate strategic Hashtags and Optimized text (content) and post it, and then I would use the IFTTT App (If This Then That) to push my Instagram Post to Twitter and Facebook and all I had to do from Instagram is click the appropriate “Share” button = “One and Done” — I love it.

Why? I went “Willy-Nilly” at first

Social Media, Scott Sakamoto, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Best PracticesWhy did I decide to make the commitment? Because I know strategic Social Media activity WORKS and provides the results I want and need when I’m mindful of what I’m doing!

Don’t have time, don’t know where to start, and don’t know what strategies to use… You don’t have to; at least not at first — that’s how I approached my 2016 Social Media efforts.

Keeping it Fun: Starting with Instagram

Because my first love was and always will be, all that is Graphically Beautiful and /or Engaging (Graphic Design and Photography), this was an easy first-step (commitment) for me. Like most of you, I carry a camera in my back pocket at all times. Now, we can easily take and post pictures that promote your Business, your Customers, or your Followers (Tribe) with the advent of the Internet and Social Media Platforms.

I have many new “Modern” tools and places (Social Media Platforms) where I can promote myself and/or my customers by showing off what I can creatively do or artistically create for Social Sharing Platforms that benefit any Digital Marketing efforts, especially yours. I can almost bet this is where most businesses come up short when business owners try to “pinch” (on-the-cheap) their Marketing Budgets when spending a little more time or investing in a qualified designer will bring a larger and better return for your efforts.

Now the new work begins – Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics is like opening Gifts of Information.
Up next; What’s got me Excited“.