I’ve been having frequent conversations with several of you about the important reasons WHY Business Owners should utilize and engage with Social Media Tools for their Business Marketing efforts.

And, believe it or not (remember it’s 2015), I’ve been met with a lot of turned up noses recently or looks of bewilderment that says to me ” Yea, I’ve heard of it, but I don’t know the first thing about how to use it “Strategically” for my business = I just don’t get it“.



Breakfast with the Scotts

I was having a “check-in” breakfast 2-days ago last Tuesday with Small Business InterWeb Colleague, Scott Pillsbury (Owner, Rose City Label in Portland, Oregon).

Naturally, the conversation turned toward “What’s Up; What are you doing differently, etc.” As the evangelist, I admit that my recent Social Media activity has really been tested while promoting a Non-Profit event and even better, it’s PROVED my Assumptions about the effectiveness of Social Media Engagement = It Really Works!

Why aren’t more people doing it?

…and The Excuses Come…

The Art of Social Media, Scott Sakamoto, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Best PracticesNow, Scott Pillsbury’s a real intelligent guy and he’s highly motivated and more importantly he knows how to motivate himself and…Others! = Make note: Scott Pillsbury is not only a Graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, but he recently earned his very difficult to attain 4th Degree, U.S. Karate Association, Black Belt this Fall.

I would say with confidence that Scott knows how to “Get it On” Once he commits

He also knows how to pile on Excuses…(I’ll let Scott Pillsbury write about this…)

No More

The Art of Social Media, Scott Sakamoto, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Best PracticesHere’s what we decided to do.

I had recently listened to a Webinar from Guy Kawasaki on his new book “The Art of Social Media”. After I shared this with Mr. Pillsbury he cexploringd to explore new ways to utilize Social Media in his everyday Business-Life (Hint: it involves a lot of time traveling in a car).

The next day I receive an eMail with this outline from Scott = Voila! = Our next Series of Blog Posts!