So, I’ve Been a Little Scarce Lately.
I’ve been Distracted

About a month ago I got a hair up my you know what about WHY some smart business owners and individuals were using their powers of persuasion to convince themselves and I’m guessing others WHY they didn’t or don’t see a need for responsible, meaningful Social Media activity to help market their Business Product, Service or Information and or to amplify their Business, Professional or Personal Brand.

I Don’t Have Time Is Not an Excuse

I made time last month to reach out to longtime Pacific Northwest based headhunter Connie Dorigan of Dorigan + Associates and also to recently Re-Graduated (second time around) this time with Internet Marketing Skills and recently hired Miles Shattuck who I was reintroduced to while attending the 2018 TEDxPortland Event.

I shared with both Connie and Miles the following diagram below and asked them for their High-Level comments … and they responded.

What are the expectations of YOUR Modern Employee
(or Non-Profit Board Member)

Social Media, Corporate Loyalty, Business Leadership, distractedThe answers were surprising and then again, still very “normal”. One suggested that those with “Proprietary Information” should; could; would; not necessarily be utilizing Social Media (I disagree), the other quickly offered solutions without pondering responsibly; trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and visa-versa.

If you’ve been paying attention, the next “Big One” (Recession) is predicted to come in the next year or two and that is if we can withstand the upcoming Trade Wars, possible war in the Middle East and overall discontent with The United States leadership.

I’m seeing an opportunity to help those who are too blind to help themselves in the coming months, and I do not work for free, but you can buy my lunch or a Cigar.

Oh, I Almost Forgot, My Distraction …

My resurected Hobby: “Some People Meditate, I Smoke Cigars.” – Ron Pealman.

How I Keep My Peace of Mind
Check it out.. still Beta, but we’re real close., Puff Sumo, Cgars