The DIY Logo via a logo generator or online job services like Fiverr, Upwork, or 99 Designs exist to help those with limited budgets or for those who are too … I’m sure you’re familiar with the old adage, “You Get What You Pay For”

Welcome to YOUR journey of starting your brand new business. Say what? You need a logo to represent your Company’s all-important Brand that sets your Professional Acumen, Services, and Abilities above the rest and the “Mark” that will make the first “Great” impression to your new customers and start to propel you toward Success.

… But, you want to do it on the Cheap? I get it; it’s tough to start a new business. How are you going to prioritize where, what, and how are you going to allocate your Development Budget.

It’s YOUR Time or My Time. My Time is Expensive; You Choose

This is the Third in a series of articles about Logo Design and Development. If you read my first article “Why I Give My Logo Work Away for Free (almost)“, you’ll know that I typically back away from these types of projects (running away might be more accurate) and the reasons WHY.

AND I have also had participants (so-called professional Designers) of these online job services websites STEAL my work and try to sell them to someone else as their own

While there are several resources to accomplish your DIY logo on the Internet, I guess there are a few that stand out that I’ve read about. I will caution you if you are one to take an adventure with these services, REMEMBER… I have NEVER used these before and cannot vouch for them. I have had clients that have used these online job services and I have worked with the Logo Artwork that they (my clients) provided me AND I have also had participants (so-called professional Designers) of these online job services websites STEAL my work and try to sell them to someone else as their own. This cost me an invoice from my lawyer… Geesh, where’s your integrity folks?

Bottom Line

Use these at your own risk. If you choose to use any of these, determine or get guarantees that the work is original and that you have the necessary permissions to use the Artwork (Intellectual Property) in ANYWAY that you deem necessary for your Company’s use. This would include manipulating or changing the Artwork in any way that you feel necessary down the road.

There are several published articles that will walk you through the steps of using these services and they will also go into more depth on the horror stories and cautionary tales you need to be aware of. I won’t go into these because I have not experienced any of them except for those who have tried to steal my work (or maybe they have and I don’t know about it … yet).

Here are some links to a few articles I have read:
I don’t think you’ll find many that are encouraging. Use at you own risk.

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One thing is for certain; there will be no Sakamoto handholding.

Good Luck