I Wanted to Measure It

Social Media Analytics Part II

Before I get on with the details of Social Media Fun and Analytics, if you’ve been around me, you already know that I’m always testing my “Assumptions”. After all, that’s how we evolve and grow isn’t it; at least that’s what I do.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Social Media Commitment

Social Media, Analytics, Instagram, IconosquareDon’t get me wrong, I’m just like you when it comes to learning and doing something new and outside of my normal routine. Guess what, there’s a new paradigm in town and it’s all about Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing). When I first made my commitment to participate in Social Media last March (2015), I wasn’t really worried about any lack of topics to share, just how I was going to use Social Media strategically to meld with my previous marketing and design efforts and more importantly how could I show and demonstrate the “Return on Investment” (ROI) to convince “Old”, “Traditional” small business owners to get with it

Oh well, I wasn’t going to overthink it (like some of you I know) and I just JUMPED = I did it and it was fun.

Instagram: It’s Fun and Addictive
and… I have a camera in my back pocket, ALWAYS

Why not use what most of us business folks have at their fingertips and demonstrate how easy it is to create fun content. After all, most folks I spoke with about this idea were quick to express how Photography was in their toolbox “Oh yeah, I use to do photography in school…” Yep, I heard it. Remember; everybody thinks they’re a “Professional” Art Director, Copywriter, or a Photographer, oh and now everyone can “Design” a Website = NOT.

But Wait… Remember
Don’t do anything unless it’s going to move the needle

How will I know? — Well, you can Measure it

Originally, I was going to write a post to demonstrate ALL the TOOLS on your Social Media Platforms, but I recently discovered that Instagram is going to change their API requirements in few days, so I’m going to hold off on that report until things have settled down a bit.

BUT… Keep going. Nothing’s Broken and if you follow me, you’ll probably start getting more attention on your Social Platforms.

I’ll be back with much more. In the meantime, check out Pro Iconosquare – I did and I love it (yes, Pro. I’m paying for it).

Study this example below of an Iconosquare Analytics Report. At a glance I am able to see the important information and feedback from a single post if I choose. this information and feedback will help me decide what my next step or strategic post will be.

If you looked close enough, you’ll see that Iconosquare reminded me that posting on Sunday morning’s is probably not going to get me the best Return on My Investment (ROI). You might find this handy if you’re not familiar with the landscape yet.

Social media, Analytics, Iconsosquare, Instagram