Starting over, reinventing and ReLaunching my new business model after the Economic Collapse (2008 – 2010), I made a commitment and stopped answering or using my telephone (voice communication) beginning in 2011 because it was an enabler for those who wanted to WASTE MY TIME or who did not possess polite-discipline (Respect: most people like to take hostage of my time). 1

I could go on forever about the inefficiency of electronic voice commutation (Hint: most folks like to listen to themselves talk) but I won’t. Instead, I want to start to frame a series of articles about the Cost of an Interruption.

Of course, folks who have no clue about Respect inspire the motivation for this series, or their focus is ALL ABOUT THEM (Me, Me, Me, Me Me…) — this is a HUGE Frustration for me. How can I explain and educate this to those who don’t “Get It” (I know, most won’t give a hoot) and ultimately allow them to capture more “productive time” in their days… More Importantly — MINE.

How come my eMail isn’t working?

While drilling-down into this topic with fellow Internet Marketer, Mike Mathews (@memathews) from Measured Marketing Solutions, we uncovered a plethora of paths and levels (types) of Interruptions. Where do we begin?

Cost of an Interruption

Good Google-Fu Will Satisfy Most

The first thing I did this morning was to execute a Google Search, “What’s the Cost of an Interruption” and contacted the Fellas (Dan and Kurt) … the needle is moving.

The first Aha-Moment was when Kurt sent me his nudge on Paul Graham’s 2009, “Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule” (Worker’s schedule and the Boss’ schedule). What followed is my bookmarking articles with headlines like: “Work interruptions can cost you 6 hours a day. An efficiency expert explains how to avoid them. “The Hidden Costs of Interruptions at Work”, from NPR; they’re in the game too; “The Cost Of Interruptions: They Waste More Time Than You Think”. I’ll give this the Sakamoto-Style reporting and get back on topic faster than you can say = Pay Me For My TIME Your Interruption Just Cost ME!