After more than 30 or so years, I’m reconnecting with Portland, Oregon Creative Director, Eric Savage of Savage Creative.

My memory is foggy on how Eric and I originally met, but we’ve been in the “Creative-Business” as far back as I can remember (think 1980s). Eric used to have a studio in Ladd’s Addition in S.E. Portland and I had my origins in the upstairs of a converted house one block south of the intersection of Burnside and Sandy; I could see Michael’s Italian Beef & Sausage Company just across the way. Those were the days … our formative years.

Analog VS. Digital

Alvin TofflerAt first blink, I think it will be an awakening for Eric when we convene for lunch and cigars. “Eric, I’ve been checking out your Internet Content. Do you know what “alt tags” are?” … You have none (actually, this post is a test to see if you received a Pingback. What’s a Pingback?)

I have a feeling I’m going to be preaching the gospel of Alvin Toffler … We’ll see. I hope I’m surprised and see Who “Get’s It”.

It’s all about the Content

Eric, It’ll be good to catchup