Since the beginning of 2016, I’ve been slowly learning to eliminate the unnecessary Clutter in my Mind (noise) to allow a clearer path for creative discovery and solutions; one that provides a Creative Outlet and a flow of Creative Expression of my art and graphic design talent; one that allows my relatively fast creation and production of my Customer’s needs. Yep, as a creative professional, we have to create “On Demand”, not when we feel like it.

With the current events since 2016 and thru 2017, it hasn’t been easy. I’m slowly getting back into my groove again with some clarity.

More is Not Always Better

As you and I have witnessed, digital media usage has expanded and it will grow larger. I watch and observe as a “Modern Marketer” who creates awareness of Your Products, Services or Information, the most “experienced” and “savvy” business owners, especially those in executive leadership ignore the benefits that affordable marketing tools and techniques can bring them. You would think “smart people” would be fast to encourage the utilization of these modern tools and methods to amplify their brand and branding message. I don’t get it … “I Don’t Have Time” is not an excuse.

“Why Try, I Won’t be Seen or Heard”

I hear and understand your concerns about not being seen or heard through the Clutter on the Internet. Yes, it’s because of the “Clutter” via bad modern advertising and marketing we have taught our customers not to pay attention. More clutter creates desensitization to any and all information.

I used to be of the belief that “Anyone” with half a brain could take control of his or her own Internet Marketing. I don’t think I believe that anymore. There is one thing that clearly defines my “Value”. I know how to create a compelling message that will engage your customers to act. I think it’s time to hire the “Professionals“.

Now get busy or Contact me for help.