Pharrell Madness:

The seemingly overnight rise of phenom Pharrell Williams happened right before our Media-Watching Eyes in 2014. Let’s take a quick look at this and see if you’re ready should the InterWeb Gods Bless you = It’s important to us and your future success that You Are Ready and Prepared to JUMP on any opportunity that may reveal itself to you

Unbeknownst to me (yea, I was born in ’53 = do the math), Pharrell Williams had been a musical sensation most of his 41 years.

All of a Sudden… Bamm! He’s Everywhere!

On one night in 2014 Pharrell Williams grabs 4 Grammys (no small accomplishment) = Let’s call this “Life Changing”.

Are you ready and prepared for any event or marketing effort that will call attention to yourself and propel you and your Brand in front of hundreds, maybe thousands or even millions of your potential customers? This what we dream of but, are you prepared to confidently benefit from this new attention and focus on you?

If not… Pay Attention

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you do not have an expensive support staff taking care of your Marketing and Personal Brand Image needs; nope just you and maybe me if you hire me, so let’s work smart and get prepared for what we know will happen if you follow our Marketing and Personal Brand recommendations.

Ronin Studios, Scott Sakamoto, Personal Brand, Pharrell Williams

    • Very (Super) Talented Individual
    • Unique Personal Flair (ageless)
    • Mysterious Ethnicity (slanted almond-shaped eyes and sculpted features)
    • Tall Floppy Hat (fashion savant; instantly became synonymous with Pharrell)
    • Fearless Curiosity
    • Genuine (smile and thoughtfulness)

Of course we’re not Pharrell, but you get the point = Correct? We ALL have special “PERSONAL” things that sets us apart from Others = do you know what those are> = Start There! Because we’re going to let your customers know how unique, wonderful and REMARKABLE you are.

Create Your Brand Before Someone Else Does it For You

Take control of Who and How you want your potential customers to perceive you = NOT how someone else Projects themselves onto your Personal or Company Brand = Say and Do (Establish) the correct Brand Image from the very start (or at least close to it = it’s never too late).

My tips: I promise a blog series on Developing Your Personal Brand soon since I’ve been working with many of you new to this; trying to make sure you progress correctly or at least our-way = Path = DO (Ju-Do, Karate-Do). Here’s what I have for the outline:

Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personal-branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging.

  1. Audit Your Image: Make sure it’s the correct type of attention you’re seeking
    = Not all is good.
  • Know your core values > Define them
  • Be the Best = Why not
  • Market your Personality
  • Speak TO Your Customers
    • Network = Build relationships
    • Find your collaborators
    • Let people see you and Find you
  • Promote Yourself
    • Website = It’s all about your Website
    • Utilize Social Media (Social Media: Let’s Get Started)
    • Personal Brand starts with your Profile Image (hire a professional Photographer)
    • Make sure your Bio is about your potential Customers = NOT about YOU = Get it?
  • Succeed Long-Term
    • Start = Create your Content (Social Media: Feed the Content Monster)
    • Create Change = Be innovative, Energetic
      = no one like a lump on a log (myabe frogs do)
    • Speak up = Let Us Know “What You Believe”
    • Keep it Fresh and Updated = Google loves it when you update
  • The Long Game
    = Long Term

    • Your Personal Brand is an investment into your Future Business Success
    • Spend the correct amount of Effort in Balance with what you want to accomplish


Start with your LinkedIn Profile = Be sure it’s Complete!

  1. Pharrell Williams in Adidas. Photograph: David Perez Shadi