“Writing is like a Muscle that Needs to be Exercised Regularly”

I don’t care how many term papers you wrote way back-in-the-day. If you haven’t completed any Internet Content Writing in the last five years consistently, you’re going to be in for a big surprise.

Maybe you can muster a paragraph or two, but after that moment of fleeting brilliance, reality will set-in and your Ego will be held accountable. I’m willing to wager that you “Petered-Out” (ran out of gas or inspiration) after the first wave of self-absorbed “confidence”.

Content Writing, Yes, It’s a Muscle … 10,000 Pages Later

I knew and learned this back in 2013 when I started “Portland Westside Guy” (some of you may remember). This website was my first attempt to create, learn, and vet content creation (writing or otherwise) consistently. I soon discovered that it is much more difficult than we tell ourselves.

10,000 Pages Later …
After years of finding the correct portals and topics to write about, I’ve finally fine-tuned ScottSakamoto.com and just launched PuffSumo.com to further my presence on the Internet and to be able to demonstrate to you (via measurable landing pages) how your business, product or information can track and vet your Internet Writing Content. And, not to forget, a total redesign of this Website in Q4 2015.

I am constantly discovering new portals and techniques for responsible Business Content Publishing. Now “Get Busy” or “Contact Me” to help you move your Business Profitably forward.