peanut butter toast, website redesignI am really lucky because I have the “Passion” and the ability to build any website I can imagine; anytime, anywhere, any kind of Website I want to create and I can develop it to accomplish pretty much any objective or goal I need to achieve. Believe it or not, we’re at a once-in-a-lifetime “Ground-Level” opportunity utilizing Internet Marketing that would help get you to the top of the heap. Why? — Because too many small business owners are not taking advantage of available Internet Marketing Tools. So, it’s time for a Website Redesign.

Ronin Studios, Scott Sakamoto, Portland Oregon, Website Design, Internet Marketing, Website redesignTake advantage of Ground-Level opportunities with your Internet Marketing Why? Because your Competitors aren’t doing it.

I’ve always been excited to learn new things; especially of opportunities to evolve any of my Graphic Design skills (graphic and special visual elements expert) toward those that utilize the modern Internet and Marketing tools and concepts that achieve your business goals that also allow you to test your business assumptions allowing forward progress.

Maybe you Do, Maybe you Don’t

Peanut Butter, Website Design, Website Redesign, Person Brand, Scott Sakamoto, Ronin Studios, Internet MarketingI hope for those of you who have Internet Website Development Resources that you’re taking advantage of these resources as Modern Website Tools allow for us to test our assumptions on the Internet by Measuring our Website Traffic (Data). These Modern Website Tools allow us to Test, Measure and Strategize any notion or idea you or your team, staff or Tribe may have.

Business Growth and Modern Business Evolution are of Paramount Importance

That’s why you’re reading this, isn’t it?

Last week I was assessing my commitment to ReDesign and “start” Blogging and get my other long-intended Internet Marketing Content Projects off the ground. My original goals to accomplish by last January 2015 were:

  1. ReDesign for my Internet Marketing and Website Development efforts
  2. Develop & Launch a Web platform for my Personal Ideas and Projects at
  3. Experiment with Graphic Solutions to “Feature” my Graphic Design and Digital Illustration or Digital Image Creation abilities
  4. Continue to look for “Appropriate” collaborators who “Get It” (luke warm luck so far — I’m expanding my search)

My Home Page: As Exciting as Peanut Butter on Dry Toast
It’s Time for a Change

blogon toast, Peanut Butter, Website Design, Website Redesign, Person Brand, Scott Sakamoto, Ronin Studios, Internet Marketing

I was pretty excited about my new venture into writing and publishing Blog articles. It took me about a year to develop enough confidence with a “Style” of communicating that I decided to share and broadcast.

But, I was more excited about getting back to my “Basics” of Designing Graphics — Why? — Because the Internet has now evolved to where Images and Visual Graphic Communication is very important not only for Website Optimization but more importantly, this is the low hanging fruit that your audience; your Customers will respond to and Engage with. That’s your GOAL isn’t it?

Graphics and Images and how you use them are Important

Well, there you have it. I’m satisfied that I’ve accomplished what I set out to do this year so far, now it’s time to kick it up to the next level — I’m really happy with what I am able to do with the Ronin Studios Blog Posts and the engaging Graphics and Digital Illustrations I’ve created.

So, I’ll pick this topic up again soon after I’ve given the Website another nudge. I’m on a new mission to ReDesign my Home Page and make it more Business Beneficial for me or, maybe I’ll just ReDesign the whole Website.

Why? — Because this is what I DO.


Contact me and find out how to get to the top of your Heap.