First, What “Smart” Modern Person or “Company Talent” uses Resumes anymore?

If you were a Modern Business Owner about to hire someone who is going to have “Front-Line” exposure to your Clients and/or Customers, where would you conduct your due diligence? Trust the Resume … word-of-mouth … LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is More Than a Resume Website. Don’t Mess It Up!

Scott SakamotoLinkedIn in 2018 has more than 500 million users, I’m guessing you know what LinkedIn is and have an existing profile by now that has been long forgotten. Unfortunately, I feel many users of the LinkedIn platform make old (inaccurate) assumptions about it. For good reason, you just haven’t kept up with current Internet Methods and Tools. This is where I fit in…

For a “Social” site like LinkedIn that showcases your professional Identity and Brand means, you should care how you appear on LinkedIn, your career and credibility can suffer without your astute attention to your LinkedIn “Resume” (Profile). Twitter is timely. Facebook is fun. LinkedIn is about your “Career”, your “Genius”, “What You Can Do For Me” (your customer).

Like all social media sites, the way we use LinkedIn is evolving. Remember, Facebook is now over 12-years old. As smart and intelligent marketers and Modern Business Owners, we now “must” know how to utilize these Internet Tools to make them work for our Businesses to communicate the benefit of “Your Company or Business” to your Customers.

I hate to break it to you, but if you’re treating your “LinkedIn Resume” like an old-fashioned Rolodex, you’re doing it wrong

Nearly every industry uses LinkedIn to find and vet job candidates, and over 90% of recruiters rely on the site, according to data from the Society of Human Resource Management. So your profile can’t just be a storage unit for career contacts — it needs to be a living, breathing record of your professional life.

The following link are my LinkedIn Articles and Tips to give you an advantage over your competitors (if you weren’t doing it, I know they weren’t) to catch your potential customer’s eye, and shape how they feel about your credibility. “Folks need to be told who, what and why you are. ”

This is one of the first things on the Internet that will shape your online reputation. Now take control of it

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