I’ve been seeking out places where I can meet and discover new Internet Talent here locally because I’m old-fashioned and psychologically still appreciate a “Handshake” (I’ve already been connecting with the rest of the WORLD); and I’ve been Listening to… your “Elevator Pitch”.

Along the way as I speak with many of you who I’m guessing are new to Networking and extending your hand and “Revealing” your inner-self — Horrors! OK, I get it.

When I ask you what you do, PLEASE do not tell me what I can read from your competitors’ Website

The Elevator Pitch: What’s In It For Me
how are you going to make my life easier or more rewarding

What’s your a succinct and persuasive pitch to me about YOU or the Product, Service or Information you provide?

Quick, Count 1, 2, 3, 4, … How much time do you think you have to captivate me and Wow me with your “Value”; What’s In it For Me”

Think of this as your Verbal Billboard

Back in the day when I used to create outdoor advertising campaigns, our rule of thumb was to make our point in 7 seconds or less (remember we used to spend more time in moving vehicles). Now in the Modern Internet era, I profess if you don’t capture someone’s attention within 3 seconds on any particular web page — You’ve lost them — “Click” — Gone!

Let’s transcribe this to “Live In-Person” action. What’s your pitch? How are you going to captivate and convince the person in front of you that you have what it takes to quickly communicate — “What’s In It For Them”.

If this helped you get your foot in the door, now how are going to convince them to spend money on what you have to offer.

Hmm, OK, food for future thought. Article to come. Stay tuned or Contact me.