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  1. Develop Skills and Discipline to regularly communicate succinctly
  2. Make Your Point in 140 characters or less
  3. What Resonates with your "Tribe"

I was describing reasons a Small Business Owner might want to use Twitter the other day = Because it’s an effective Marketing Tool amongst other things; but, it just depends on how you purpose it (want to use it).

In 2010 as I was struggling to stand upright during the economic collapse, I was challenged by my friend Kelly (@pdxcfe) to use Twitter. After all I was giving Internet Marketing Workshops and would wax poetic about this great Social Media Tool and to anyone who was listening = "Just Do It" = I mean this was the era of Web 2.0, so "Get with it".

My response to the challenge = "No Time"  = Really? = What a Hypocrite

I Give In To the Challenge

Ronin Studios, Scott Sakamoto, Twitter

I suppose I was like many of you not knowing what the heck I was going to Tweet about not to mention hone the Craft of getting my point across in 140 characters or less = ?

Whoa wait a minute, that’s the start of my next adventure = Yes, getting your point across in a succinct 140 characters or Less is important and a Great Lesson Twitter can help you develop. = Not only for Tweets but how you communicate in the "Speaking" world.

What do I mean = Too many folks Ramble on about the same thing they just said 5 seconds ago = basically they like to hear themselves talk and repeat and restate their comments 10 different ways until the cows come home = I don’t have time to listen to this yacking, so I usually cut them off = and say "I Get It" = "What’s Your Point?"

What’s Your Point = Bravo!


So it’s the beginning of a fresh 2010; Since 2008 when my phone stopped ringing I reinvented myself and my Business, Ronin Studios from a Communication Marketing Company to an Internet Marketing Company and I’m feeling pretty good about the way things have progressed = My Rent is getting Paid = Yeah!

Time to practice what I preach, so I roll up my sleeves and I’m ready to jump in = With What?

Who me? Who am I to say such profound things that others would take interest in? = Hmmm, don’t tell me I was lacking in Creative Confidence = Well, Maybe.

While I recover and build my New Business, (I’m still licking my wounds from the huge tumble) I get up in the morning and get my dose of inspiration from reading other Blog Posts, Books, TED Talks and following those new "Thought Leaders" like Seth Godin, Chris Anderson (Wired Magazine), Guy Kawasaki, etc. = They were all out there sharing their ideas about this new "Thing" = Web 2.0 and Internet Marketing; Sharing; Giving-to-Get, Collaborations = 1+1=3, etc.

I Get It!
Twitter As a Repository of MY Ideas

Bingo = I’ll use Twitter as a repository of ideas I want to flush out later and write about as Blog Posts. = Brilliant! = This works FOR ME!

By Doing This, I:

  1. Satisfy my Challenge (most important = I’m “True” to my Word)
  2. Broadcast to my "Tribe" topics and ideas that are important to me = Share
  3. Develop Discipline to consistently engage with Social Media (Facebook, Google+, etc.)
  4. Improve my SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

That was 2010. It’s 2014 and 2014 is just around the corner, and I’m ready to move on and EVOLVE on a Big Way.

Stay tuned; ALL of that is About to Change = Cheers!