We know it, You know it, I know it
= Ideas are no stranger to me.

Scott Sakamoto, Creative Confidence, Ronin Studios, Portland OregonLearn:

  1. Start to rid yourself of the Fear and Intimidation of being “Creative”
  2. Everybody is Creative = It’s inherent to human nature= Even YOU!
  3. Give yourself liscense to become a child again = Play, Have Fun = Expose Yourself

I’m Preaching Again

Westside Portland, reCAPTCHA, Luis von Ahn, Scott SakamotoI had another epiphany the other night while I educated myself to sleep (Understanding reCAPTCHA) watching David Kelley’s TED Talk on Creative Confidence.

Voilà! = This is it! = How do I empower my Clients and Friends to gain the confidence to create Content that “Shows-Off” their particular talent.

[quotebox cite=”]TALENT:

Why? Who the Heck Cares

I care, You care, Your Customers Care and Google will Care = The importance of Relevant Content is key to any businesses’ success on the Internet. You’ve heard this time and time again = Period.

Outdated = Yes, Maybe BUT = You still need to Consistently Create New Relevant Content more importantly, you need to compel your website visitor to Take Action via some sort of Call-To-Action. (e.g. this might be some sort of Conversion Form = Sign Up Now for our FREE Newsletter or a Poll or Survey)

There, That’s the Why = What About How

There’s the Rub = Most of my clients will Nod in agreement emphatically to the point where I think their heads will fall off as they get motivated to roll up their sleeves and get the WORK DONE and I leave the meeting a happy Guy because I think intellectually my Client’s “Get It’ (the importance of posting Content) and will at least attempt to write a few Blog Posts and off we go into the sunset with another success story for me to boast about in one of my Blog Posts = WRONG!

Typically what happens is that I check back in a couple of weeks or months later and Poof! = NOTHING!

What’s Up With No New Blog Posts

There it was; the answer, or at least something that helped explain to me the disconnect between understanding intellectually what you know you need to do and the lack of confidence to actually create and publish it.

I’m not a behavioral scientist, but I think I should start to pay more attention to what makes people “Click” (pun intended). As soon as I can to develop new techniques or tools that will remove barriers for my clients to help enable them to create and publish their own content, the closer I will be to Empowering Their Success.

Watch this video from David Kelly and “How to Build Your Creative Confidence” and let’s continue this conversation.

What do you think?