It’s January 12th, 2015 ALREADY!

Before the start of the year gets away from me, a few statements about my Forward Moving Plans for 2015.

I’m embracing my Selfishness in 2015.

Scott Sakamoto, Kick ass Monday, Ronin StudiosFor those who have been with me along the way, know that the ReInventing years of 2008-2009 are now 6-years behind us; Seth Godin made his impact on how we think and act toward “Giving” to our Clients at Ronin Studios; I committed to Social Media in 2010 thanks to Kelly Paxton (@pdxcfe) at; I evangelized the importance of LinkedIn for Professionals especially if you didn’t have or control your own Website; the best book of 2013 was Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Work Week; my mantra for 2014 was “Join Me” if you “Get It” = I stopped “Pulling” people along.

2015 is about helping those who “Get It” and Creating and Developing Projects and Tools to further empower success for this “Tribe” who “Get’s It”.

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