Fear of the Unknown…

Lack of Self Confidence…(come back tomorrow for the real post)
I was having a conversation with @I_C_SolutionsNW this morning as he boastfully tried to tell me that he now had the Bandwidth to provide good InterWeb Content after retiring his Service from another Non Profit Board recently.

I was excited to hear this, but more importantly for you readers who will be enlightened by Chad Martin’s comments on how we can do a better job at “Connecting-The-Dots” from the >First Moments of Inspiration, to >Learning, to >Converting Your New Knowledge into Measurable Action.

As recent as yesterday’s business lunch with a prominent Senior Real Estate talent who sorely needs marketing help, it dawned on me; We need a better way of explaining what we do in the Marketing Business = How.

But, how do we explain this without giving away the “Secret Sauce”, when there really isn’t any but, = Just Good Common Sense.

Did I spill the Beans?
I mean after all, it doesn’t take Rocket Surgery = @skrug (Steve Krug)

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