They Find the Quickest Way to Embracing NO

Instead of Finding the Path to “Yes” (I can see your gears spinning)
This type of thinking may be an artifact from an Old and Tired Business Model and I might even venture to say that it’s something I’d expect to hear from someone my Father’s age = an “Old” “Risk Aversion MBA-Type.

Lot of good that attitude would do us in “Modern Times” toward marketing a “Modern Business”. It’s 2015, You have a “Modern Business” don’t you?

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In this Modern Business-Age of Social Media, the InterWeb (formally the World Wide Web) and all things Electronic and Code-Built, it’s easy to stumble upon new things EVERYDAY that should be exciting for you to learn about.

Wait a minute, what did I just do…

Oh, some folks reading this may fall into the … “Well, I just don’t know…” = we’ve all heard it before in many shapes and sizes; the instant hit of Fear and Self Doubt:

  • “I’m not sure I have the skills or leadership experience to do this.”
  • “I don’t think I’m quite ready.”
  • “This big of a stretch will really stress me, I think.”
  • “I don’t know if I can really succeed at this.”
  • “I’ll need a lot of help with this and where would I get that help?”
  • “I have some of the required skills, but not all of them.”

Human psychology being what it is, we can understand that one may not feel worthy of “any” big opportunity, or that they’ll let other people down as I’ve witnessed this several times where one may be afraid to leap into a big new role where they don’t feel they have 100% of the qualifications or false modesty takes over and the opposite effect happens.

The challenge I have with that kind thinking is that it BLOCKS you from pushing past your comfort zone. Sometimes when we don’t challenge ourselves, we fail to do what’s necessary to live fully and fulfill our dreams.

When looking at and recognizing opportunities in front of you, ask yourself these questions:

> Do I respect, admire and enjoy them, and will they teach me great things I’m excited to learn?

> Will I learn new skills, make exciting new connections, learn to lead, manage and grow a business or endeavor in a powerful and rewarding way?

> Will I have a “Life” at the end of the day

> Will this opportunity most likely give me the chance to become the professional and the leader I long to be?


Open your eyes to why you’re hesitant to move forward. If it’s fear, uncover it, and embrace the exciting new opportunity that stretches you farther. If your hesitation is anything about “I’m not sure I can do this” I hope you’ll think again. No one is truly “ready” for the exponential growth opportunities that come their way and fall in their laps. Forget “ready.”

Go for this instead: “I’m highly skilled, capable, resourceful, and accomplished. I’m excited to stretch bigger. I’m committed to building my capabilities and making the positive impact I long to. And I’m excited to do what it takes to grow and succeed at the next level.”

Go for it – take the stretch opportunity instead of embracing no.