One and DoneOf the Sakamoto Mantras, “One and Done” is my best time-saving one. Of course the premise that we invest the proper amount of time initially to create something up to our “Quality Standards” is paramount and by doing so we have something more-or-less timeless that should be utilized = Many times = Pass it on and Share = Post it on Social Media. So, What is your Social Media Blogging strategy?

Remember what we stated in the last article “Feeding the Content Monster“. The amount of quality content that you create will be far less than the social media content that you’ll share that creates a need for more content curation.

Creating Content is one of the largest challenges that business owners will have to Own. Many of us (Business Owners), start our with a Burst of Energy and focus on creating quality content (time-consuming) and not "volumes of content", getting the most out of your content creation efforts will be important and efficient (a la Tim Ferriss).

Creating new, quality content is a big investment of time, resources and sometimes even your budget. I know, I’ve been providing content to three different Websites, so it’s important to make sure you get the most mileage you possibly can from your content.

Don’t forget, the content you already created has lots of “Life” left and opportunities for additional uses.

Here are 4 simple ideas you might consider to get more mileage from your hard-earned content:

Anybody who’s spent any time around me has probably already heard this; especially if you’ve expressed to me that you want to write a book. Of course, my first question is… “Are you going to Self-Publish” or go “Traditional”?

Traditional Sucks

Writing a Book the Old Fashioned way takes a lot of effort and a lot of “Industry-Hoops” to jump through and that’s before you get even a word printed.

But leveraging content that already exists in the form of your Blog Posts can jumpstart your next Big Novel.

As your blog evolves and becomes more populated with your quality content, it’s likely that those posts could be woven together to form the start of an eBook or GuideBook.

It might be a great idea to create a series of blog posts on a specific topic with an eBook in mind.

or… it can also work the other way around. Take the copy from an existing eBook or white-paper and reverse-engineer that into a series of blog posts (see Feed the Content Monster).

If I’ve learned anything at all over the last 8 years entrenched in Internet Marketing techniques is that Nothing Remains the Same; EVERYTHING has been in a constant state of Evolution and for good reason = It Keeps Getting Bigger, Better and Faster. = So you better keep up.

By its nature, the Internet is changing constantly, thus you have an endless source of content = even from your “Old” Blog Posts = Why = Because they need to be refreshed and Updated.

Just about any Content starting to show age can be a great way to extend their usefulness. It doesn’t need to be a wholesale update, take out what’s no longer relevant, add in what’s missing and re-launch as a newly revised edition.

Maybe you’ve discovered got a couple new tips you’d like to add to an existing Blog Post. The point is, keep your content as current as possible and extend the shelf life at the same time.

Video Content for marketing is becoming incredibly popular and is trending as a “Top” Action-Item for 2015.

An easy idea is to use content from your blog, webinar or other format and use it as the basis for short “how-to” videos. These don’t have to be professionally produced (I advocate you use your Smart Device = Here’s an example I did to remember my complicated “New” workout on, but they do need to have a professional feel. As visual content becomes even more essential to your content marketing efforts, these “how-tos” are a simple way to add video into to the mix.

A lot of work went into the Workshop or Webinar you presented last week, so don’t let all that hard work and great content go to waste.

Past webinars can be an ongoing source of lead generation and new content too. Subject matter experts speaking at conferences, tradeshows and other industry programs warrant your comments too.

Don’t let that valuable Presentation Content go to waste!