LinkedIn Manners: … and, Who the Heck Are You?

And more importantly, why should I give you a front row seat and access to all my 500 LinkedIn Connections?

Heck, Where I come from, we bow to each other and pay respect to Each Other FIRST. Where are your LinkedIn Manners ?

Linkedin, Manners, Scott Sakamoto, LinkedIn WorkshopI’ve been receiving a ton of LinkedIn requests lately and my Website Traffic has increased considerably since I started Blogging and Posting more on Social Media = No Surprise here = and as usual it’s time again for my “Manners” lecture because of all the disingenuous LinkedIn Invitations I’ve been getting. (I received this one yesterday)

Geeze People = Grow Up and Get a Clue = Where you raised in a barn? or, I’m just not worthy enough for a bit of your consideration = Do you have one of those “Special Privileged Entitlement Cards” = is that the case = if so, let us know and tell me why you think you are worthy of it.

I can’t believe how many people who may know me or not know me very well will expect me to let them into my Front-Door and let them have access to my “LinkedIn Connections” with a Disingenuous LinkedIn Invitation Request = Who raised you and where did you come from?

If you’ve been to one of my LinkedIn Workshops you know that Respect for Others and Manners are very important to me.

Linkedin, Manners, Scott Sakamoto, LinkedIn Workshop

Would you let someone into your House and Living Room with such an ingenuous introduction? Plus, I feel somewhat responsible (real or not) toward protecting my LinkedIn connections from Rude People and potential Spammers.

Why should I let you into my living room with such and “Disingenuous Request”. If your parents or Business Mentors have not taught you well, here is a short list of suggestions on how to start off on a better Networking Foot:

  • Tell Them How You Know Them
  • Find Something In Common
  • Make It Personal
  • Reference Their Profile
  • Thank Them

All these simple easy ways to be Polite and Well Mannered = How hard is it to leave a First Good Impression?