I’m Having Fun and I think you should too

I made a commitment to fully engage with Social Media (for SEO and Search Engine Optimization) last month. Fortunately for me, the World has been very cooperative and thus a great source of Content. From controversial geographical topics like the Confederate Flag to the United States of America finally recognizing and granting one of the guarantees that I understood we had all along — Equal Marriage Rights — It’s about time.

So why is this significant? — I made a lot of Comments, some good, some not, most passionate (hint: the reason why it works — genuine) and now I get to measure and analyze the data from the various forms of Content that I’ve been “Pushing” (primarily on Facebook as an adjunct to my websites).

I also discovered a lot about those who are close to me too. Hmmmm… (it’s fun pushing buttons sometimes — for the benefit of science and your ROI of course)

Pinterest and Instagram are super easy to start and provide content for think “Click”, “Click” = Done!

It can be fun, so let’s approach it this way

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Instagram, scott skamaoto, pinterest, instagram, social media, strategy, portland oregonYes, and… I’m the first to advocate for meaningful communication, especially when your bottom-line is the focus. This doesn’t mean that your engagement and creation of Content has to be drudgery and as exciting as a wet noodle — have FUN with the time you invest into your company and your company’s Social Media followers.

Here’s What I Found

Pinterest and Instagram are super easy to start and provide content for — think “Click”, “Click” and Done! Bottom-Line, more to come — I’m excited about using a very easy and creative Content Creation tool — You’ll Love it because you’re already doing half of what this will require enhancing your SEO Search Engine Optimization.

So, what I’ll be doing the next few days is to measure my Internet Activity and SEO for the past month ( I have 10 more days to go) and hopefully I’ll have some Search Engine Optimization case studies for you — Stay Tuned.

What’s Next?

Instagram for your Business

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