I just call it “Content”. It’s the integration of your Videos, Images, Maps, eCommerce (shopping) and News Results within an organic search result created by Google.

Some call it Universal Search or Blended Search content. In its many shapes and sizes those fancy names are the umbrella terms for all media and snippets that Google displays in addition to the organic SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) on results pages. But it’s still Content, plain and simple.

I’m guessing some of you (as I’m discovering) often take words and concepts too literally. Now this: Content is more than JUST Words, it’s everything (almost).

Open your mind and explore unique creative ways to create Meaningful content

or…You could just call us — yes, we can provide the Content you need that will make you “Remarkable” — Worthy of Comments from Others.

Universal Search, Blended Search, Content Markeitng, SEO, Basics, SEO Garbage in, SEo Garbage Out, Scott Sakamoto, SEO, anatomy of a search result, SEO Ranking, SEO Score, on page SEO, technical SEOSome of the interesting search findings in 2014:

  • YouTube content is the big winner:
    Videos are the most frequent integrations in Universal Search. 8 out of 10 videos in Universal Search results are YouTube videos (82%). Competing platforms with moving image content suffered corresponding market share losses.
  • Google Maps integrations are also among the winners
    In January, 2014 only 2.4% of search terms had Maps integration, however, by December 2014 the number had already risen to a 7% share of all integrations. The share of keywords with Google Maps integrations tripled throughout the year.
  • Other Google Products:Google is integrating its own services into Universal Search. In the area of Google Shopping the absolute figure of integrations of PLAs has risen by 118%. 8 out of 10 integrated videos are for Google subsidiary YouTube. And, Maps integrations have risen too. This means that the search machine increased the value of the Shopping and Maps channels for marketers.

    Should this be a surprise? Google is integrating its own products more and more into Universal Search. I have this argument for those who want to use Vimeo over YouTube for some crazy EGO driven reason – go ahead, just don’t expect optimal search results. Even better, post content in multiple places according to your marketing plan.

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