SEO Truths

Scott Sakamoto, SEO, anatomy of a search result, SEO Ranking, SEO ScoreI know 3 things to be true about SEO
(Search Engine Optimization):

    1. Good SEO Basics will COST YOU LESS to do it correctly the first time
      (at the start of your Website development)
    2. You’re WAY AHEAD with a solid SEO Foundation; If you follow the 2 simple steps I suggested in Part I, SEO Basics First you’ll be way ahead of the game or at least further than you are now
  1. Write for People First (your audience) in a genuine way and SEO second = This is important. The sooner you accept that there are no shortcuts to good consistent SEO-Content practices that faster you’ll accomplish your goals and then people will start to notice you.

Learn from this.

      1. SEO Basics Are Not Add-Ons It’s Built-In and Intentional

        Search Engine Optimization should be integrated with all of your other marketing initiatives from the start.

        Search engines have become an indispensable part of the consumer’s decision-making and buying process, which means that organic search is important for every business = Get Found!.

        Conversions matter If you aren’t building this you’re missing Google’s new Algorithm Boat. If you need help understanding how this works and why it’s relevant, please contact me.

        Data and Insights from your Website’s traffic (analytic) data will help you better understand the behavior of your website visitors and allow you to use it in your online communication to improve conversions.

      2. SEO Is No Replacement For A Good Product, Service or Information

        SEO is not a “quick fix” or “duct tape” solution for your business. That attitude will get you nowhere and prevent you from reaching your potential and can become a threat to your future success.

      3. Plug-Ins might help by but they’re not a replacement for experience

        Plugins can be convenient and a good place to start…BUT…. “One and Done” for efficiency is great, but sometimes nudging your SEO Practices from Website Analytical Data will produce the Results and Rewards you were looking for. After all you DO KNOW What’s Going On in Your Front Living Room Don’t You? Keep reading…

      4. Good SEO Is Data-Driven

        Track Your Traffic (Website Analytics) Poor planning creates poor results. When search marketing fails, you can’t blame Google or SEO itself — only yourself

        Website Analytics:
        Measure your SEO RESULTS =
        Engineer Your Strategy

        You should make decisions based on facts, not gut instinct. Website AND Social Media analytics are critical for this purpose. We’ve been advocating BEST SEO Practices for a long time (Ronin Studios: Search Engine Optimization)

        Not only must you look at the correct data to review, you must actually know what you’re looking at — and how it is relevant to you and your business. Everyone is different. Stop putting yourself in a box with others – isn’t this why you INVESTED all that time and money building your PERSONAL BRAND in the first place? (Personal Brand: Does Pharrell Williams Have One).

        Unless you are able to weed out things that don’t matter, you’ll only keep guessing and taking unnecessary risks… eventually driving your business into the ground.

How you Optimize your Website and your other Social Media content is too important to ignore, and worth every penny you invest learning how to improve it. It’s a worthwhile investment, and, with the internet being what it is you simply can’t afford not to. Hire an expert today.

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