How Come… I’m not getting…Something for Nothing?
I Don’t Know = Maybe You Should Hire An EXPERT

For the past couple of weeks I’ve heard from a couple of you wondering… “How come I’m not getting traffic back to my Website after I publish…”, “It’s being published ‘in lots of places’ and still no…” You get the message.

Well …, aside from Google changing their algorithms recently, I still Preach = “SEO Basics First“. Please do not try to “Shortcut” these important steps or I promise you your SEO Goals will fall short; unless you want to throw a ton of money at it down the road.

SEO Best Practices Since 2009

Remember Web 2.0 way back in the World Wide Web days of 2008-2009? Those days were the first signs of a viable life on the Internet; here we are in 2015 and I’m still doing the same basic SEO things I did back then and I’m prospering because of it and you can too = that’s why you’re reading this.

Garbage in, Garbage Out

Basics: Anatomy of a Search Result

Back in the day (2008-2010) at the Portland SCORE office once a month I’d conduct their best attended Internet Marketing Workshops (I will Boast = Myself along with 2 other colleagues, were probably responsible for 20%-25% of Portland SCORE’s Workshop and Class revenue). If you click on the image above, you’ll see the very first BASIC thing I think that you need to understand; What Does a Search Result look like and why it looks the way it does. Understand that and go on to the next.

Quick Fast Review:

SEO Must Haves = Understand This (2 things) or fail:

  1. Your Page Title: Does your page title have a meaningful and relevant title
  2. Your Meta Description: Your meta page description or Meta Tag says it all in my opinion; strategic use of words and phrases that describe You, Your Product, Service or Information YOU Provide = Get it?!

Here’s What I’m Talking About

In all cases, EVERY Website I design and develop, I’m not happy unless I attain an SEO score at launch of 60 percent or better. Both websites I examined were 3 and 1 years old. The Website that was 3 years old (and plenty of content) only had an SEO score of 48%; the other site; about a year old with maybe 3-4 blog articles ranked 47%; my new site only a couple of months old, ranks at a whooping 76%. Why? = Simple Best SEO Practices and a couple of other things, all simple, none requiring a degree in Rocket Surgery.

If you’d like me to put my Magic Touch on your Content, Let’s Talk. Discover my Elegant SEO Solutions = Where all the SEO Beauty Lies. = Start Now.

Your Website’s Search Engine Optimization is too important to ignore. Every investment you make will payoff in time if your practices are consistent.

Your Website’s Search Engine Optimization is too important to ignore. Every investment you make will pay off in time if your practices are consistent. Remember, we’re not talking about complicated and difficult tasks, just simple practices that make sense if you understand the first 2 that I shared with you above. It’s an investment, and, with the internet being what it is you simply can’t afford not to.