In Spite of Our Accents, Our Shadows Look the Same

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with a two of our Professional Law Enforcement folks at the Portland Police Bureau. In an early conversation with one of the Officers, he shared that he had life-long experience with his family’s construction business. Eureka, suddenly Seth’s words “Zapped” me in a different way that he had probably intended, “AND” I also understood his message about “Accents”.

In Seth’s words, he was making the point that we often ignore and fail to acknowledge those who have “Better Accents” than we do while at the same time we dismiss and criticize those who struggle with their “Accents”. So I ask myself, what is similar … our shadows.

We All Have Different Accents and Our Shadows Look the Same

Meaning we all come from different backgrounds and experiences (our accents) and even more so once we enter the workforce. It only makes sense that we all draw upon our “Learned” experiences to enhance and promote our futures whether that be personal or for Business.

I Know the Construction Business Like the Back of My Hand
What “Business Accent” are you most familiar with? Does its current Business Model work for your Modern Business? Are you still operating using your Grandfather’s Business Methods? Are you still Clueless as to why you’re following the Internet Marketing Slipstream (but you do it anyway)?

Maybe It’s Time to Learn a New Language …

Or, maybe you should contact me so I can show you how to translate your important Business experience to be able to make an effective vehicle and take an efficient ride toward your Business Profits and/or Growth.

We will all get to the finish line eventually … Are you using the best tools to get there the most Effectively and Efficiently?

Now get busy or Contact Me to help you move your company forward.