What does it mean to be Internet Ready?

Last month in January, I gave a quick and meaningful (easy to understand) presentation about “Basic” Business Needs and Requirements for today’s Modern Business Professionals (Individuals) especially for Partner-Level (Executive Management) Business Profiles on LinkedIn or other Professional Business Portals on the Internet (e.g. Websites, Social Media).

What’s In It For Me
Please keep in mind, that to Benefit “Fully” from this information and knowledge, you will have to publish your business profile accurately and correctly and apply it as often as it is reasonable to “GET” your “Complete” Business Information in front of your intended audienceYour New Potential Customers.

Remember to put all this into context. It was only a few short years ago that “Internet Ready” meant; was your television ready for the Internet or even some computers for that matter.

What DID Internet Ready Mean?

1990 Definition of Internet-Ready in US English: Internet-Ready

ADJECTIVE: Computing Ready to utilize the Internet; (now) specifically (of a computer device, system, etc.) designed or able to connect to the Internet. Origin 1990s; earliest use found in Business Wire.

What DOES It Mean NOW?

Internet Ready

The World is changing rapidly (you already knew that cliche). What are you going to do about it, especially if you have a few more years before you head off to the Retirement Hills… and that’s ONLY IF you’ve been successful and saved enough to afford to retire.

Just sayin’… If you need help creating a LinkedIn Profile that gets you results (Comments from Others), and I know you do, Contact me.