What a year 2017 WAS — I am glad it’s over!

This is supposed to be a business Website so I’ll keep it on track; my other Website ScottSakamoto.com (the Tall Nail) will be a bit more open and transparent. I will try to behave on these pages, so here it is, a Ronin Year in Review.

A Year in Review; My epiphany from last year, 2017

Happy New Year 2018After the shock of last year’s election in America, I think many of us including myself were left speechless not only from the message that the majority of America’s White public sent that threatens to further inhibit the elusive “level playing field” as it nudges the erosion of decades of Civil Rights work and legislation that are now at risk of being eliminated… erased.

I Don’t Work for Free Anymore
Remembering that I had recently RETIRED from 30-years of FREE WORK (Volunteering) as a Civil Rights Activist, I struggled at first to find the appropriate place to vent my frustration creatively. Then the Sakamoto “One-and-Done” mantra kept talking to me. The easy place (low hanging fruit) was Social Media via Instagram and Facebook for the most part; create once, multiply, and publish to multiple portals (Instagram. Facebook, and Twitter all published and launched from Buffer). Why am I mentioning this on my business Website? Because this is the same technique you would perform for your Business, Product or Information you wish to distribute or market to your desired audience.

So there you have it, I’m welcoming 2018 with open arms and on a Mission to make money.

Statue of Liberty, freedom,Free from your Entitlements and “Greedy” Claims to my Time

I Don’t Work for Free Anymore

A Ronin Year in Review