Nowhere to Hide: Are You Internet Ready?

The meaning of Internet Ready 10-years ago is different than it is today in 2018. As our world shrinks, our cultures merge, our beliefs blend, there may be nowhere to hide on the Internet. I would hope by now you, your customers and your business leadership [Boss(es)] have accepted and dealt with the three stages of Progression as defined by German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

All Truth Passes Through Three Stages:

  1. It is Ridiculed
  2. It is Violently Opposed
  3. It is Accepted as Being Self-Evident

How you embrace this “acceptance process” matters; you’d be surprised in a huge way to learn how many Business People who should know better (or folks who claim to know about Business) that wouldn’t give this “Process” any amount of respect or due process. They couldn’t be bothered. This is typically something that wouldn’t matter to me except some of these folks belong to Businesses of Key Principals (Owners) that I’m retained (Paid) to Optimize and Market (make them worthy of comments from others).

I’m guessing at its newness a decade ago, most Business folks were quick to jump on the Internet Bandwagon and I applaud that forward thinking (don’t forget all the digital fingerprints you’ve left behind too). Now, what have you done lately (learning, education) to keep up with its evolution and “Evolution-of-Value” to your Business or Firm that Proudly displays your Name on the Letterhead or your “Future” claim to your Partnership Name on the Lobby signage?

Are you demonstrating to your Executive Business Leadership (the Partners) that you have what it takes beyond your professional knowledge and services to move the Company’s Bottom-Line forward; are you able to match the “Reach” of your Firm’s “Rainmaker”. If you want to Impress your Boss, try boasting about your LinkedIn Traffic. Yep, LinkedIn is a “Real” Free or Affordable business tool. In my opinion, if you are in Business to make money, or you own the Business, would you, shouldn’t you, utilize this highly respected business tool?

If You Build It, They Will Come

Is a FALSE Statement

My assumption that as a Partner or Principal, you would want to do EVERYTHING in your power to make sure your Company was Optimized and in Position to earn new Customers’ Trust.

Help Is Here

As Facebook is nearly 10-years old, the Internet and Internet Marketing Techniques have become a “Science” and more importantly, everything is measurable. I will repeat this to make my point; EVERYTHING that I DO on the Internet is MEASURABLE. Remember back before the Internet? We took a wad of cash and threw it against the wall and hoped that something would stick. If you can’t measure it, why do it?