Never mind that I spent a good 30-minutes listening to a client vent about his “Executive” staff not reading his Firm’s Customer’s input thus ignoring or overlooking the “Customer’s Needs”; in their “rush” to do something else “important” in and around the Firm. What’s up with this type of behavior? I’ve been experiencing similar non-actions by “professionals” who should know better. Nobody reads anymore.

Is it Generational? Is it the evolution of the “Fake It Until You Make It” battle cry? I don’t get it. I end up wasting my time or watch my time being held hostage while the fumblers try to feed me “vapor” excuses as they try to sound like they’ve read the material I’ve sent them. You can’t Bullshit this Bullshiter. Odds are I’ve been doing it longer than you have.

I Write So I Don’t Have to Repeat Myself

Your time is valuable and I respect your “Time”. That’s a large part of why I write; if you haven’t noticed, I make time (Mine) to write my thoughts and directions more than likely before I meet with you and definitely afterward especially if you’ve retained my services to help you get Noticed on the Internet or help your business find its “Bucket of Cash”.

There are Still Some Stellar Young Individuals… I have hope

And, I recognize them. I was recently reconnected with long-ago Golf, Cigar, Business Bud Jason Chambers of the long-ago Activate Cellular (cellular activations). I think I first met Jason when he was in his young mid-twenties. Even at that time, “Jase” was a voracious reader and that has never left my memory of 20-years. Well after starting a Cellular Activation company at that time with a little help from “Moi” and another business associate of ours, Jason finally sold the activation company recently and is now in the process of creating and making my new “Smoking Office” come to fruition at the Chamber Cigar Lounge aka “the 9900”. Suddenly, “Returning to the scene of the…” has new meaning.

Alvin TofflerOn my way out last Saturday;
Me: “Jase, you still a voracious reader”
Jase: “No, “I’m down to only 52 a year”
… that’s BOOKS folks…

Jason and I agree; Reading is one of the best ways to Learn.
Now Get Busy … Learn Something New