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I’ve been working with several of you, revealing Opportunities right in front of you and sometimes (often) “Preaching” the importance or Benefits for YOU of having a 100% completed professional-looking LinkedIn Profile that will, in turn, communicate a credible Professional Landing-Page for your Potential Customers or Clients.

dim sum, jin wah, lunchAt our dim sum lunch the other day at Jin Wah with Web Master Developer, Bobby Lee, RBL Interactive PDX (Brother from another Mother), we were noting the importance of having a completed professional-looking LinkedIn Profile; noting that when done correctly, a “Professional” LinkedIn Profile should act and behave the same as a one-page Website. We wondered how many “Career Professionals” or “Modern” adopters of LinkedIn realize this.

Beyond the Profile: How many Opportunities Are You Missing

goldfish, dim sum, jin wah, lunch, bbby lee, RBL Interactive PDXYep, I sometimes need to “Practice What I Preach”; isn’t that the norm? I will hold myself Accountable (my Mantra for 2018). In addition to my visit with Bobby Lee, last Friday day I also had a conversation with Florida based Global Orthopaedic Leader and Expert, Chad Martin, MPA: HA . We were discussing the Merits of utilizing Modern Technology and Modern Marketing Methods when Marketing Budgets are tight and yet there is still a “Need” to create awareness (Marketing) and further, the “Opportunities” that we can create for your Businesses or your Bosses. The Opportunities we’re talking about will unfold once your Customers are aware of your “Fantastic” offerings that provide “Benefits for Them” (What’s In It For Your Customers) and a better return for your Marketing dollars spent (ROI) utilizing affordable and Modern Methods of broadcasting your Brand and Brand-Message.

Are You Making Time to Demonstrate Your Genius

When I state “Demonstrate Your Genius” what comes to your mind? I’m trying to communicate in an easy way that does not require Rocket Surgery the very basic and simple ways to “Demonstrate Your Genius” (What YOU KNOW)… Create The Content that Demonstrates YOUR Expertise or have me do it for you (warning: hand holding costs extra).

What is Content
The type of Content that I have found to be the most effective and that I desire the most from all who I work and collaborate with is a Relevant Blog Post that speaks to your expertise and/or the Industry that you serve. This is “Demonstrating Your Genius” via a Blog Post, or it could be a Social Media Post “IF” you provide a Comment and not just superficially “Like” something.

As a rule, I forbid all my clients to just “Like” something. I implore them to make a comment. Explaining from your “Professional” perspective (expertise) “Why” you think any particular “Words or Images” are important to your potential Customers (What’s In It For Them). This is your Opportunity to present yourself and Impress them Professionally in an open and transparent way; and further, provide an immediate way for those you “Inspire” a way to Contact you.

You’d be surprised at how many Professional LinkedIn Profiles that do not have their contact information readily available.
Do not be that person.

My last thought for you: What do you think would happen if everybody in your Company, Firm or Office went beyond the LinkedIn Profile and started to Publish Content? I have Case Study data for you…

Now get busy or Contact me for help.