Mothers Know Best

Don’t you find it amazing that Mothers somehow intuitively know what’s best for you?

How many times growing up did we hear “Don’t forget to comb the back of your head too”, or “Quit being so lazy, Do it correctly the first time or DO-IT-AGAIN-UNTIL YOU-DO-IT-CORRECTLY” which all culminates to “Garbage in, Garbage out”.

The Same is True with SEO

The word is out; yes, I’m writing about SEO for the next few days or so… so I’ve spoken to a few of you and the same disconnect or “missing” objective still stands — I create and publish content — why is my SEO Ranking, Score, Web Traffic, not what I want it to be?

The “true” answer is “I Don’t Know” because I haven’t taken or “Invested” the time to audit your Website data. Although, I might take a wild guess (for those who I’ve spoken to) and say it is a case of “Garbage in, Garbage out”.

Don’t get all huffy, I’m not speaking to the quality of your content, I’m more concerned about the quality of your optimization (SEO Best Practices); I’m addressing the optimization of NOT ONLY the article you just published but everything that’s related to your articles — Your Website; the Foundation of your SEO efforts.

My simple perspective

  1. If you Publish Content that is not Optimized (Garbage)
  2. Can you reasonably expect Non-Optimized Content to Accomplish your Internet Objectives
  3. Garbage in, Garbage out, with no expectation of SEO returns (ROI)

It’s Included

So along the way to writing this article I came across some other SEO checklists and found this Local SEO Checklist from and low and behold — I do all those things automatically — THE WHOLE LIST! — I added about 10 things to it and… please keep in mind that everybody’s SEO needs might be different from yours.

Lesson Learned: Thank you for making me take the time to Audit and recognize exactly what I do when I Design and Develop your Scott Sakamoto Designed Website to make sure it’s optimized.

I never could understand why I would offer Search Engine Optimization as a separate budget line item for a Website Project. Ronin Studios designs and develops websites to our highest “Best Practices” standards that produce the SEO results we demand at your website’s launch.

It’s Included

Next time OnPage SEO — The SEO tasks (SEO Best Practices) you can take charge of… or Hire an Expert

Note: the Top light green section on the illustration to the left, those OnPage SEO items are things that you should be mindful of EVERYDAY. When you do, amazing things happen the way you “Designed them to be”.