Low-Hanging Fruit = Easy to Use

scott skamaoto, pinterest, instagram, social media, strategy, portland oregonOf course Pinterest and Instagram have been around for awhile, I’m just now getting around to actually “Consider” using them in a meaningful way; so, hang in there, I will be able to share my experiences with you soon.

Still, as far as Social Media is concerned and even more so when considering NEW Social Media Tools; I am amazed that even those who I consider to have the most adventurous enlightened minds and attitudes for understanding and learning new things = Rebel against something that’s new and different = Hmmmm, sounds like a recurring theme here.

Click n’ Share

Of course the “Ideal” Social Media solution for busy Business Owners is one that you just “Click and Share”; well, I think that’s where Pinterest and Instagram come in = Correct?

Anyone who would like to share beyond the normal list of “Reasons Why” to engage with and use Social Media; especially Pinterest or Istagram = Please let us know = Cheers!

Here’s my Top-of-Mind quick list of WHY to use Pinterest and Instagram: = Stay tuned

  • InBound Links
  • Integrates with Other Social Media
  • Demonstrates Your Beliefs (Ideas)
  • Builds Your Trust Authority
  • Test Your Assumptions

Have a thought you’d like to share = Contact Us = we won’t bite