Do you Realize how lucky you are

Ronin Studios, Scott Sakamoto, Internet MarketingEspecially if you know how to Create things (Photographers) or have the gift of “Gab” (thinking of the Fellas who’s names start with Mike, Chad, Scott, Debbie and maybe Kristin) just talk into your smart device and record your Content = All mentioned (except for one 1) have no problem what-so-ever about interrupting me when I’m talking = That must mean they must have much more important things to say than I.

Go for it! = You don’t have to wait for me to give you permission = Show me what you’ve got!

Start with Easy and Fun; or move toward Silly and Irreverent; anything to get you going. It will evolve from there = I promise. Also please keep in mind how many people are envious of your skills and wish they were as proficient as YOU are = So, go show off your Mad Skills and Practice to Perfect New Ones.

I mean, how many times have we asked for the PERFECT Client = who allows you to OWN the Creative Direction of the Project = that’s YOU! = Today = This Morning = NOW! This should be Easy-Peazy if you’re Passionate about your Craft = and you are aren’t you?

show off your Mad Skills & Practice to Perfect New Ones if I were a Photographer, I’d be posting everyday!

Get Going

  1. Do What You Know How to Do = Just Create More of It
    • You are a Professional = Practice Your Craft = Practice Makes Perfect. Even if you’re an expert in a certain area, there’s always room from growth. Learning never ends, and intensive practice and a good creative challenge or playfulness can help you take your “Chops” to the next level.
  2. The Old Cliche “Think outside the box”
    • What box? = This is your project = You have no one to say “No” to you = Go For It!
  3. You Carry a Camera with You
    • Whether you know it or not = All my images are pretty much ALL captured with my iPhone except when I have to hire Guy Brooksbank.
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice
    • I hope you understand the importance of this = even though you have the freedom to express and create, depending on your Creative Discipline there still might be some “Rules” = of well = Practice!
    • You can learn and achieve a lot more by reading books, blogs, watching tutorials, asking questions of other professionals, getting inspired by what’s around you or by other inspirational work.
  5. Make it Quick
    • Weekly, Daily, Monthly, it does not matter. This exercise is supposed to make it fun for your creative spirit = Just make it Quick. e.g. I want to use my iPad to relearn my drawing skills, so maybe I’ll challenge myself to post 30 second sketches everyday until I get better or something = just sayin’ = Create and Publish!
  6. Make it Part of Your Routine Someway, Somehow = Enough said


Fine-tune your skills = Bottom-Line. Pushing yourself to be creative on a regular basis, while challenging, produces measurable progress and provides the “Creative Confidence” to Step-Up and embrace the Challenges ahead of you.

  1. I love using this “Psych Trick” = now no one will think they are the culprit = the downside is that nobody will own the Bad Behavior)