Instagram, Social Media, Scott Sakamoto, Internet Marketing, SEO, OptimizationI know, I can see you roll your eyes and hear your groans; Sakamoto has another tool that will help me become successful. I guess I should pay attention to…

YEP! …and it’s fun too!

I use Instagram for Business

Of all the Social Media platforms for posting Images and Videos, I just discovered that Instagram is probably the easiest to engage with. If you do not have or have no interest in utilizing this fantastic creative tool, then…maybe some other time.

From Mother Instagram herself

I found some very good simple and easy ways to start on Instagram from their own Website. Do yourself a favor and read it. It will make perfect sense to you. You may want to start here.

Instagram has become a new marketing tool for me.

  1. 21% Adult-Usage (that’s more than Twitter!)
  2. 53% of Young-Adults ages 18-29 use it
  3. Out of all the social platforms, creative audiences frequently find Instagram the most intuitive and rewarding platform to use, low hanging fruit that provides an authentic experience for their followers. 1

Of all the Social Media platforms for posting Images and Videos, Instagram is probably the easiest to engage with.

The Set-Up: Do Not Short-Cut these 2 Important Steps (SEO)

1. Make sure your profile information is filled in completely and accurately.
I use Instagram for Ronin Studios so it’s important that any information that provides a path back to me (contact information) be current and accurate via a custom bio and a website information. Instagram’s website field is the only place on Instagram that allows a hyperlink. So, do not leave this field blank — it’s your only opportunity! (Key Settings Profile)

2. Linked Accounts
The next most important setting on the Options screen is “Linked Accounts.” Important: Use this to connect your account to Facebook. After linking your personal account, you can choose where photos are shared. This will default to the Timeline of your personal account but can be switched to post to a page instead. (Key Settings Options)

Make it Meaningful for a better ROI

First things first, I’m guessing you’ve already signed up for an Instagram Account, now let’s get going.

1. Share Compelling Content

2. Tell Your Story: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Everybody! The photos you post tell a story about your Product, Service or Information your Brand provides. Your Followers can tell when you’ve posted a meaningful image or photograph. Being authentic about the content you share will help you build genuine connections with your followers.

3. Connect the Dots: Share!

It’s not always about YOU. Demonstrate how your client’s Product, Service or Information is connected, you’re telling your client’s brand story more effectively than with just words alone. Hmmm, this demonstrates to me that you know how to further promote my Business’ Product, Service or Information — I want you on my TEAM (Tribe)

4. Make me go “Wow” — Expand Your Audience

That’s why we do Social Media isn’t it?
Connecting your Instagram account to your other social networks is a great way to let your followers know you’ve joined Instagram and to grow your audience. It also makes it easy to share the content you post on Instagram to your other accounts in order to increase your reach and exposure.

5. Post Consistently

Don’t keep me guessing. Your Followers might like to see a variety of photos from different accounts in their feed. Post often enough to keep users engaged, but keep them wanting more. Spread your posts out throughout the day or over multiple days — create Demand.

Post daily, three times a week or once a week–frequency doesn’t matter, but consistency does. Imagine the disappointment for a customer excited to discover your brand has an Instagram account–only to find that is hasn’t been updated in weeks (or months).

6. Engage: Do Not Be LAZY

Interact with your Followers and the Instagram community. Ask questions in your caption and respond to comments.

More importantly, show your Clients, Followers and Fans some love. If they post a photo and say something nice about your brand, “PUSH” their content and thank them. I do this all the time. Kind of makes me wonder why those in my Tribe don’t do it. Try it and see how it works for you.

7. 3 Extras


  1. Instagram allows you to easily syndicate your photos to your other social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Flickr, and Foursquare). Do it and broadcast your compelling content.
  2. Keep track of what kinds of content your followers engage with most. Are they Photos, Videos, Product Shots, Inspirational Quotes? Bottom-Line: Post more of what your audience likes.
  3. Encourage users to hashtag photos at your events.

4 Simple Instagram Best Practices: ReCap

  1. Share: Promote (Broadcast) your Instagram content to your other Social Media Platforms — Integrate them and maximize your effort (One and Done).
  2. Hashtags: Use Hashtags strategically and responsibly. Encourage your followers to hashtag your images.
  3. Location: Don’t forget the Location. Especially if it’s your clients’. Including a Location to your photos adds them to the feed for that spot and boosting discovery and reach. Important: If it’s a client photograph, include the Location of their business — Think, wouldn’t you like others to point to your Business, Product or Service and let other know where it is?

    Treat others, as you would like them to Treat you — where have I heard that before?

  4. Tags: People and other Accounts can be tagged on Instagram both in the photo caption and on the image itself, just like on Facebook, tagging in text doesn’t increase reach, but it will notify the user of the tag.

    If you’re going to engage with fans in your comments, always tag the person or business you’re responding to so they receive a notification. More importantly, if it is a client, you’re showing them that you care about the success of their business beyond the “Norm”.

    1. *Demographics of Key Social Networking Platforms, Pew Research Center, 1/9/15 Introduction