Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed, such as an idea, a scientific theory, an invention, a literary work, a painting, a musical composition, a joke, etc. 1

Creativity, Creative People, Scott Sakamoto, Portland, Oregon, Ronin Studios, Scott Sakamoto, Internet MarketingA few of you know that I’ve been changing my behavior lately and nudging it where I think it needs to go along with making some priority changes.

What’s Changed

I shared with a volunteer Board-Director colleague a year or so ago that almost anyone who serves on Volunteer-Boards could be an administrative type leader who’s passion is to protect “Status Quo”; it takes talent to be a visionary and NOT be afraid to NOT Necessarily be like everybody else.

I am no longer going to be required to have the Chops to be at the top of my Administrative (left brain) functionality = I’m prioritizing for Creativity = Why = That’s what people pay me for.

So, along the way (from this moment forward, I’ll be looking to collaborate with those who have the talent to Manage or provide the Administrative Backbone to my CREATIVE PROJECTS = You’re probably a linear thinker, are good at hand-holding, and can say sweet nothings that make them happy, happy, happy = you can have it = if this is what Clients want and need = Geesh! = I’m moving to Costa Rica.

Don’t worry, if your’e an existing client = you still have access to me = and the others will too. Just not my LASER-FOCUSED Admin Skills that were designed to put you in your COMFORT ZONE = No More = You didn’t want to pay for it.

My Focus: Cultivating Creativity in a “Traditional” Culture of Conformity

The Idea, Creativity, Creative People, Scott Sakamoto, Portland, Oregon, Ronin Studios, Scott Sakamoto, Internet MarketingEither through education (art school) or some higher learning and PRACTICE [ ! important ] we can develop our creative processes & skills and eventually get there.

If you walk around with your eyes open it doesn’t take long for you to realize that large Organizations and Traditional Business Culture consistently squelch creative ideas. How I, the creative person deals with that is to find alternate ways to communicate.

My Creative Renaissance = Sort Of

At the begging of the year I made the Commitment to redesign and launch and finally get off the ground = We’re really close to launching = Stay Tuned!

So, I had an epiphany while I was redesigning Ronin Studios = Create a Palette that allows me to do what I do and “Practice” my Creativity = Note the emphasis on “Practice” (remember, I also embrace my failures [ ! important ] )

I’m having a Blast getting reconnected with my creativity and I’ve Discovered Social Media

Yup, time for me to practice what I preach = I’m doing Social Media now and I’m loving the discovery process = and I’m getting connected with interesting people along the way (Kwai Chi = Instagram Master) and I’m finding new places for quick bits of Graphic Design that I sow on my Social Media properties and I’m having FUN = being Creative = what a welcome change for me and what I’ve had to be mindful of for the past DECADE.

I Get to Play Now

Some Take-Aways for you, How I Nuture My Creativity

  • Keep Feeding Your Brain – I’m always looking for new or Bright and Shiny things that make me go “Wow”
  • Keep Sketchbook Handy – or some way to record your Awesome idea = lots of times I use my iPhone recorder and just record my voice.
  • Play = Have Fun – Have Moments when you DON’T HAVE TO CARE = I’m also still looking for my Muse = this You?
  • Be Still and Relax = Meditate – Don’t let the work scare you, we all meditate in some form or another = you just have to recognize it = be calm and mindful of your inner peace = something I do this when I appreciate something that I think is beautiful = I think you may too = if you stop to think about it. Think about the moment just before you clicked the camera shutter = where was your mind?
  • Learn a Something New= I’m going to relearn how to draw on my iPad = I think I’ll be jazzed

Coming Up: Care and Feeding of your Creatives

A continuation of an earlier post: If You’re a Bucket of Cold Water = Proceed with Caution

With Guy Brooksbank and Me = Check out Guys article on LinkedIn. 2