At the Black Bear Diner last Thursday with @memathews from Measured Marketing Solutions he somehow got around to mentioning an old blast from the past, the “Cluetrain Manifesto”

To refresh your memory, The Cluetrain Manifesto (originally published in 2000) is a set of 95 theses organized and put forward as a manifesto, or calls-to-action for all businesses operating within what is suggested to be a newly connected marketplace (Internet). The ideas put forward within the manifesto aim to examine the impact of the Internet on both markets (consumers) and organizations. In addition, as both consumers and organizations are able to utilize the Internet and Intranets to establish a previously unavailable level of communication both within and between these two groups, the manifesto suggests that changes will be required from organizations as they respond to the new marketplace environment. 1

So, the mere mention of this long forgotten, relevant piece of history leaves my mouth agape = Let’s ReVisit It! After all, it was only in 2008-2009 when we had reLabeled this whole thing “Web 2.0”; that if you remember was the “Revolutionary” use of Websites BEYOND “Static Web Pages”.2

The Internet had such an innocent beginning, now abuses are common and that SHOULD NOT deter us from further use and exploration of such a wonderful and affordable business tool.

Stay tuned as we bring you more on this … right Mike?

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