After recently winning the “Time Lottery”, I’ve been visiting with several of you as I’m trying to figure out how to delegate and equitably share my new “Found” time.

If you read my post on, “High Tech Asking the Correct Questions” you know that I recently had a bowl of Pho with Multnomah Athletic Foundation, Executive Director, Lisa Bendt and I also had brunch with Julie Vigeland, President of the Foundation as well as a Commissioner on the Oregon Arts Commission. I must add that I’m very impressed with the diversity of the Oregon Arts Commission = Hmmmm, maybe this should be a deciding factor to the rest what I’m going to reveal below.

Fellas, I hope you’re reading this.

The Fellas: at

Scott Sakamoto, Borikén Puerto Rican RestaurantYup, it won’t be long before our new “Content” creation will hit the InterWeb. I’ve been incubating this New Business Concept for the past couple of years and haven’t had the time to fullfill it because of my Civic Responsibilities = I do now = From now on, just call me “Morgan” (ask Lisa).

On the right, a couple of the Fellas with Awilda Medina-Vazquez the new owner of the 3-month-old Borikén Puerto Rican Restaurant in Beaverton, Oregon where we were “Brainstorming” the Launch of

At this very table at Borikén, we agreed that helping NonProfit Organization thrive was important to us. So… = a Workshop specifically for NonProfit Organizations = Coming in June 2015.

Stay Tuned

Scott Sakamoto, Borikén Puerto Rican Restaurant The Lunch: Normally I’d share this on, but since it is auspicious that we had our first Designed Internet Marketing meeting here, I’ll share it with you.

In a word, lunch was “Fabulous” = how can you go wrong with imported cooks (from Puerto Rico) and a Brand New Freshly Painted and Decorated Borikén Puerto Rican Restaurant.

We had the Pork Empanadillas, Pork Pasteles, Tostones con Mojo Do Ajo and started with mouth-satisfying Alcapurrias. I mean, Delicious as Delicious is, awesome flavors wrapped in dough and deep fried, and OH, the Plantains; why don’t we enjoy these more often? = Thank you for a great lunch and your warm smile Awilda Medina-Vazquez = Cheers = We’ll be back.

Borikén Puerto Rican Restaurant
12800 SW Canyon Rd, Beaverton, OR 97005

503 596.3571