Yuzu Izakaya, Momo Enomoto,, beaverton oregon, Portland oregonIt’s Friday and I’m looking for any excuse not to work today and it’s only 9:00a = I do have lunch with Chad Martin at Yuzu Izakaya today though and I’m looking forward to that.

Chad and I have been discussing the challenges of Connecting the “Learning & Retention” Dots = How do we do a better job of helping folks stay engaged with what they’ve learned. If you checked out Chad’s LinkedIn Profile, you’ll discover that this is his “Ballgame”.

The Reason Why

The real reason for this post as I procrastinate is the headline I saw this morning “The Psychological Benefits Of ‘Kondoing’ Your House” = What? is this another Feng Shui 1 thing or more about creating more space in your small apartment? = Funny thing; as I’m getting used to my new abundance of “Time” I have been pondering the possibility of ReArranging and playing around with my “Space” to see if “Stark-Simplicity” would affect how efficient I am and how it would affect my Creativity (right-brain stuff).

So, those of you who follow me on PortlandWestsideGuy.com know that “Efficiencies” really matter to me = and it all starts with the premise that we all have ONLY 24-Hours in our day. So, I asked myself = “How can I squeeze more VALUABLE TIME out of my day” = Simple = I tracked my time for a couple of weeks and that simple exercise told me a lot, but that’s another story as I drift off topic…

I Read Past the Headline

And then I realized that this IS about making small spaces livable and then I noticed these correlations and arguments that Marie Kondo author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” who makes the case for the personal focus on the purging of belongings. 2

Scott sakamoto, POrtland oregon, internet marketingI’m Having a “WoW” Moment

Maybe all this is a chance to give myself a swift kick-in-the-butt and Resolve to NOT be such a slob around the Adobe = But, but, but…There’s no return on investment (ROI) for this.

Yuzu Izakaya, Momo Enomoto,, beaverton oregon, Portland oregon, brent marini, chad martin

Look who stopped by: Brent Marini and Chad Martin sandwich Momo Enomoto our favorite Hostess at Yuzu Izakaya