Scott Sakamoto, Kick Ass Monday

Welcom Kick Ass Monday, I feel like I’m about to make a breakthrough with my clients = All of my Clients = Particularly the New Ones moving forward.

Scott Sakamoto, Kick-Ass Monday

Something I’ve noticed lately while onboarding new clients = many of them are still stuck in 1998 in spite of their inherent talents for which they’re in the business of utilizing, selling or promoting, many lack the confidence or ability to comprehend what Modern Business requires these days.

It seems as though I’ve been preaching until I’m blue in the face, so I’m taking today off to do something AWESOME for somebody other than ME.

Here’s what I Prescribe for all my Newbie Clients = Join Me:

Give yourself time.

It’s easy as the leader of your pack (Tribe) to fill your day full of meetings and busy work. It’s important to partition some time of your day just for thinking. A blank spot on your calendar that’s reserved for creative brainstorming = See what incubates and presents itself.

Do something physical

Lying in bed, flashing back to the couch potato that you became over the weekend, is a surefire recipe for a lackluster Monday. Get Going!

Go for a run, practice yoga, do some jumping jacks = ANYTHING! That energy will carry over into the day. And as a bonus, you’ll feel better (you just kick-started your endorphins) for starting off your day and week with intent.

Start with an act of professional kindness

This is my favorite, because I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to do this.

Scott Sakamoto, Monday

The onus is on you. Life can throw us a professional curveball or two = a cranky boss, the resignation of a colleague, bad press…

But wait = there are things entirely in your control. Make a point of starting every Monday by shooting a nice note to a couple of employees or colleagues who have done an exceptional job. Note the specific result, underscore why you know it was valuable, and say thank you. Tell a friend what you appreciate about the friendship you share or text your child with a fun message. You’ve taken five minutes (or less) and made someone’s day.


Walk around

Get up from your desk. Get out of your office. When you take a stroll around the office, you can see for yourself how things are going. Make a note of employees’ demeanor. Do they look energized or listless? Happy or under the gun? As a leader, you can open the door for more conversations–even a simple "Hello! How is your day going?" can work wonders. Casual chats build rapport, a foundation for more substantive discussions later. Spending 10 minutes asking an employee about what they’re working on–and really listening to her response–helps you learn about that person and what makes her tick, her approach to projects, issues that might arise.

Write Headlines about your week

What would your Headlines be to your week = Those are the words that you’ll live by for the next 7 days until you create a new one on the next Monday.

What would your desired headline say about you? “Copywriter Kicks It Into High Gear, Delivers 2.0 a Week Ahead of Schedule”; “Business Owner Nails It With Killer Presentation: The ROI on Video Storytelling is Over-the-Top”; “New Business Leads Beats Last Week’s by 40 Percent.”

Framing your week in one short, powerful, summary headline or sentence is an exercise in clarity.

Make it a Great Monday! = Cheers!