I’ll say it now especially after my lunch with Jim Lommasson a few days ago; Jim is one of Portland, Oregon’s most Mindful and Established Storytellers… and I’ve had the privilege to be able to watch him Evolve.

As I alluded to the other day, I was looking forward to catching up with another long-time “Creative” Colleague; and I was happy I did. Jim and I spent the first few moments of course reminiscing about the usual “Changes” and “Sameness” and paying our respects to those along-the-way “Creative Survivors” who had to evolve in order to pay the Rent.

Without missing a beat , It was great to see Jim again

I remember way back in the halls the second floor art department in Neuberger Hall at Portland State University envious of Jim and his Creative Intelligence and confident Direction = Leading his “Tribe” to explore the effects of early morning fog with another photography-darkroom colleague Wayne Aldridge; experiments with colored dyes on black and white prints and Jim’s iconic brand of photography; putting Objects into an Individuals’ hands and “Shoot It” = as a result = Powerful images and stories were created that I recognize as the birth of Jim’s Masterful Path.

Jim Lommasson, Exit Wounds, Portland, Oregon

Exit Wounds: the book

Jim Lommasson, Exit Wounds, Portland, OregonLike old times; Jim is beaming from ear-to-ear as his silhouette approaches at the Hakatamon Restaurant in Beaverton (currently my favorite place for meal-meetings) and I’m happy to see him too only to realize that he has 2 objects he in his hands; one is the First Copy (hot-off-the-press) of Exit Wounds his brand new book the other is another one of Jim’s books (Shadow Boxer) that he gave to me as a gift that I’ll write about later.

It is so rewarding to see the results of Jim’s Diligent Practicing and Honing of his Craft (Photography) = As you review Jim’s work you too will see how compelling his images are. In the meantime, Jim and I agreed that we have much more to talk and collaborate about.

So… there will be more possible adventures which is more than would be reasonable to write about here in this tiny article = Stay Tuned = Cheers!

Do yourself a favor and check out Jim’s new Book: Exit Wounds.

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