…And Then Heats Them Up

Wax in the table hardens and melts depending on the ambient temperature, releasing heat so the room always stays close to 72 degrees, no extra energy required. 1

Scott-Sakamoto_DesignI saw this amazing Design Solution this morning and had to share = what an amazing and REMARKABLE Design!

Brought to you by: The ZEF program, Zero Energy Furniture

  1. The room heats up
  2. Table automatically starts to cool the air
  3. When it gets cold, the table warms things back up

All of this happens without any outside energy use: Instead, the table automatically keeps things comfortable through a hidden layer of a special kind of wax and some simple physics.

When the room hits about 71 degrees, the wax starts to melt, absorbing heat from the air. As the room gets cold, the wax starts to harden, releasing heat. A bottom layer of wavy aluminum holds up the wax and helps heat flow back and forth.